Ariane Goldman of HATCH

If motherhood were a song…

If I could turn back time by Cher

Biggest mom fail?

Not carving out one day a week to pick up my daughter from school (I’m working on it )

Greatest mom moment?

When my oldest daughter told her teacher she wanted to run a company just like mommy.

When my youngest daughter runs to me down the hall when I get home from work.

One thing you said to your kids that you never thought you would?

“Do you want to play with my phone “ to stop them from making a scene at a restaurant.

Something you do, that you said you’d never do before having kids?

Consider moving to LA. (kinda.. but not really.)

What’s the last thing you bribed your kids to do? 

Go to the dentist

Advice to your younger self…

Go to the movies.. Go for walks. Don’t wear a bra.

Most awkward question your kid has asked you in public? 

“Mommy, why don’t we have 3 houses?”  $%&>**

That time your kid embarrassingly called you out on something in public… 

Anytime I tell a white lie and my child corrects me and says that it’s not the case ; /

Favorite memory of you and your mother? 

Walking down Madison Avenue every Saturday holding hands and window shopping.

Wisdom from your mother…

Good luck. I hope you have a girl so you know what it’s like 😉

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