Every Mother Does Count.

As champions of multi-faceted women (everywhere), we’re proud to work with EVERY MOTHER COUNTS for the constant efforts the organization makes towards improving maternal care. 

EVERY MOTHER COUNTS works tirelessly to prevent medical care failures that can manifest throughout the duration of pregnancy and prove most critical in the moments leading up to delivery. The fight to end this prevalent phenomenon is led by initiatives in-the-field and undertaken in areas where the maternal health crisis is particularly dire.

Often—once a woman has gone into labor—the main causes of maternal death are highly preventable and tragically simple, ranging from deficiencies in available electricity, functioning equipment, water supply, and antiviral medicines.

This year, in honor of International Women’s Day, March 8th, we’ve designed a MAMA shirt in partnership with EMC.  Together we can make a difference, with 100% of net proceeds go towards advancing the EMC mission of making pregnancy and child birth safe for every mother, everywhere. 

Get yours here, and post in support! @hatchgal and @everymothercounts with #internationalwomensday

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