Behind the Scenes/Plage 2016

For our Plage 2016 collection, we decided to focus our attention back across the Atlantic to Marrakech, a city of warm hues, pink walls and palm trees. We journeyed back to the winding streets of Morocco to bring to you a collection handcrafted with the tools of Moroccan artisans passed down through generations, and woven with care for a summer experience unlike any other. #MadeinMaroc










  Wandering the sunny streets of the Moroccan marketplace (or Souk), we felt drawn towards light breathable cotton, airy linens and gauzy fabrics that could lend themselves to a day of shopping in Marrakech, or sunning yourself on your summer vacation on Nantucket. Souks are not only a shopping destination, but a social hub filled with people and vendors, creating a colorful palette from which we drew creative inspiration.


Inspired by raw local materials and the authentic craftsmanship of Marrakech master weavers, we wanted to create a line of clothing as rich and layered as the city where it’s concept was birthed. Inside the myriad of artisan craft shops, we met Randall Bachner, a former fashion photographer turned Moroccan ex-pat, who lent his vision and industry expertise to this collection.  With warm, vibrant summer colors, easy flowing fabrics, and light linens, we hope our Plage 2016 collection will transport you through time and place and make you feel as effortlessly beautiful inside and out as Morocco itself.





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