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We’ve long been fans of Randi Brookman Harris, a prop stylist that has worked with the likes of Jack Spade, Warby Parker and The New York Times Magazine (just to name a few), but to be honest we’ve also been growing a bit attached to her four and a half year old son Marlowe too.
Marlowe is a perfect reflection of Randi’s style (that signature black!) and then some. When Randi chooses a gold bangle, he errs on the side of bumble bee (or policeman)  and yet, their coordination is undeniable. We got a chance to spend the morning with Randi and Marlowe to check out some of their closet favorites. Prepare to be awed: Marlowe is growing up to be just as creative and sartorially expressive as his mama.Updated 1

Marlowe totally gravitated on his own to wearing black since early on. I sometimes will show him sneakers on Zappos or jackets or hats online to see if he has an opinion, and he always picks the black option. I secretly (ok not so secretly) am obsessed with this fact.

_MG_9448“Our family’s collective style is consistently predicated on ease, comfort, and being picky about fit. We keep a tight color palette (black, charcoal, navy, army green, and white) and dress in shapes that work well with our proportions. I like to add interest to my wardrobe building blocks with things that add a subtle wink or nod or a pop of color.
Marlowe has an Oxford button down shirt from Jack Spade x Gap Kids that is covered in pairs of printed googley eyes all over. He loves how silly AND serious it is (button down shirts are for grown ups, he thinks). Whenever I tell him I want him to wear something fancy for our pizza date (if dad is working late or away), he’ll pick that shirt, which melts my heart.”

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“As part of his daily dressing routine, he’ll ask me to draw some sort of badge or label with sharpie on colored tape to stick to his chest to finish an outfit. After a month solid of Batman, he’s started deciding daily based on his whims what personality he wants to don (policeman, fireman, bumblebee, East River Ferry boat driver…). He’s kind of a mini art director. My costumes as a child – when it was required only – had to be executed perfectly for me to feel confident in them. I want to dress to present who I am to the world with honesty and be at ease so I can think and act and just BE without distraction.
I recently got an Aurelie Bidermann cuff bracelet that is a pair of voluptuous lips on a bangle with a relaxed gap-toothed open expression… Marlowe loves to pretend he’s talking through it and says the funniest stuff.”
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Photos by Marko Jokic

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