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Katya & Liliana

Daughters are a mama’s best friend, and this chic Brooklyn duo are no different. An innovative mama that established a social platform for mamas to work together and connect with one another, Katya Libin and her mini, Liliana, embody a true sense of girl power.

Katya Libin is a mama we’ve been a fan of for a while now. Having left her day job to launch Heymama last year, Libin is working to uphold her online platform for talented mamas on the move. On top of that, Liliana, Katya’s 4 year-old is so full of life and outgoing that we can’t help but be a fan of her, too.
What we love most about Katya and Lili’s style is how effortlessly girly the two can be while still maintaining a bit of an edge. Their well-designed Brooklyn Heights apartment embodies this style as well — with pops of color and subtle, clean modern accents everywhere you look (with great fashion books, too)! The pair are undeniably a reflection of one another, and we can’t wait to see the talented, bold young woman Lili will become!


“My absolute favorite thing in my closet right now is these high-waisted vintage sailor pants my mom gave me! They fit so well, and it’s amazing to see a piece have gone through so much history of its own. I love vintage. For Liliana, she’s super into these Pippa & Julie dresses we got for the holidays. They are whimsical and girly and make her feel like the princess that she is!

Liliana and I both love to wear skirts. We have some matching denim ones, and I love pairing those with just a really soft white tee. My favorites are from Uniqlo.”


“Liliana’s starting to enjoy putting her outfits together more and more. She definitely sees my fancy dresses and more formal evening wear, jewels and bags and asks if she can have them one day. We both giggle about that.

She is still super into pink and purple, so we let her have fun with that but it’s nice to mix it up! She likes black now, which is big progress! I think later on in life I always want her to look put together, so she feels proud of her appearance and pays attention to the details.”


“I’m so proud of how unafraid Liliana is to live and love. She’s extremely giving, compassionate and full of life. When she walks into the room, it’s impossible not to engage with her.”


 “When it comes to HATCH, I love The Topcoat in soft pink. It’s gorgeous and so comfortable and effortless. It’s something I love to throw on over a dress, ripped jeans or leggings. Most importantly, I feel so elegant wearing it and that’s a feeling you just know when you put something on.”


“For shopping for Liliana, I’m really into smaller organic runs. I love Monica + Andy, Natti Natti for home decor and little things for her room, Girls on Greenwich for gorgeous higher-end pieces and my favorite shop in New York City is YOYA. They have the best curated selection for girls, and Cristina Villegas, the owner, is so hands-on that she pulls some things she knows Liliana would love. It’s so nice to have that personal touch point with small businesses.”

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Photos by Marko Jokic @calmyoureyes

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