Creating Connections: Carriage House Birth Co-Founder, Sam Huggins Talks Self-Love During Pregnancy

Creating Connections

Renowned Doula + Carriage House Birth Co-Founder, Sam Huggins talks self-love through creating connections with your baby & your pregnancy.

We launched HATCH MAMA because we knew that feeling your best during pregnancy (and after) is about more than wearing the right styles. It’s also about wellness, beauty, community and lifestyle… it’s about building connections with that amazing little one growing inside and feeling whole and fully you while doing it. And one of the easiest ways to slow down and connect is through a beauty or wellness ritual. Our doula advisor, Samantha Huggins of Carriage House Birth, continues to teach us how these rituals can make this connection even stronger, so we tapped her to share her magic with our HATCH community.

“Taking moments to create connections with your baby and your pregnancy is so important during this wild ride,” says Sam. “And there’s no better way to do that through small, through meaningful gestures of self love and through deep intention.“

Check out Sam’s tips below for the small gestures of self love that can bring upon big impact:

Take a breath. 

You know what it’s like.  You’re running late, styling your hair and brushing your teeth at the same time. It’s become so easy to rush through a very full life riding the wave of stress to shore.  We can maintain this stride or we can pause and set a little intention about what we need and take a deep breath.  Try breathing through your nose and out your mouth.  You can flutter those gorgeous lips of yours. Whatever feels good.  Just make it big and make it purposeful. Why do we like breath so much?  Because you can’t forget it at home with your phone and wallet.  It’s always with you and ready to support you through those tricky moments. 

Snack smart.

Pack an avocado and a spoon or other snacks that are high in protein and healthy fats in your bag.  This helps to keep those cravings for sugar at bay and will actually feel good inside your body.  Save those little sugary treats from the Cravings Bar when you visit HATCH Bleecker or Brentwood 

Rest and sleep.

It’s fine if you aren’t a napper. You can call in a few gorgeous breathes in a row with your eyes closed or open with a soft gaze to regroup. When it’s really challenging to call upon that healing rest, try pregnancy-safe essential oils to revive the mind, relieve the body + calm the spirit.

Reconnect through Ritual.

Beauty and wellness rituals can be such an incredible conduit for slowing down and taking time to reconnect with what is going on inside with babe. There are so many lovely ways to achieve this, including slowing down with a Belly Mask once a week to force your feet up, or throwing a few drops of Belly Oil in the bath to soak in extra moisture while taking the time to reconnect. (PS – as always, keep the temp warm, not hot during pregnancy!) Whatever your ritual of choice, do it with intention and connection.

Get analog.

Consider turning off your phone or setting up a Do Not Disturb mode that turns on automatically an hour or two before bed.  We know you love your friends so much but those texts at midnight might not feel so welcome when you are exhausted from growing a brand new person all day long. 

Drink water.

Staying hydrated is such a vital part of our existence.  When our bodies are hydrated, we are making that gorgeous amniotic fluid, we are thoughtful, and our skin is happy and shining bright.  In these summer months, drinking water becomes increasingly more important! 

Talk to someone.

All sorts of feelings come up in pregnancy, not just the fun ones.  You are not alone!  Calling in a bestie, your family, your birth team (medical or doula) or a therapist can help you to track, normalize, identify extra support if you need it and maybe soften whatever edges you might be bumping up against.  Hey, this is big stuff.  You are a brand new baby parent and you deserve all of gentle love and kindness.   

Have fun with it

This journey comes with so many ups and downs. Let it be fun by celebrating and honoring your bump as often as you can — whether it be flaunting it with HATCH Belly Tattoos, getting out of the house for some mocktails in a cute bodycon dress, or just sharing your beautifully changing body with your partner.

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