Erica Chidi Cohen of Loom


Favorite memory of you and your mother?

Her making focccia bread at home, she went to culinary school when I was in elementray school which meant lots of baking and I got reap the benifits and discover my passion for cooking.

Wisdom from your mother…

Stay focused and don’t let negative energy distract you. Also, take naps. Which used to bug me when I was little but I toatlly get now that I’m an adult.

Memory of your mom’s favorite self-care routine?

My mom was a huge fan of self-massage and she taught me how to do at a young age, we’d start at scalp and then make our way down to our feet.  I think that’s why I’ve always felt so comfortable in my own body.

Daily beauty routine? 

It used to invovled so many products when I was in my teens and 20’s. My 30’s have been about simplfication. I’ve turned into a real minimalist so if I can have a cup of hot water and lemon, dry brush, jump in the shower, put on some clear oil and sunscreen and just be done with it — I’m happy.

Moms are an integral part of your consumer base – what was your intention in creating your business, specifically as it relates to mothers?

I wanted to create a company that helped educate and connect mothers through pregnancy and motherhood in way that felt modern, non-judgemental and inclusive. LOOM is the manifestation of that intention.




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