Geri Hirsch

On Her Pregnancy Eats, Exercise and Stretch marks

Geri is easy to adore. Case in point, within minutes of our arrival, she had snacks in hand & was down for whatever. Originally introduced through mutual friends, I was excited to catch up with Geri at 6 months pregnant (naturally) to get the low-down on preparing for baby.

Before become a full-time blogger for Because I’m Addicted–Geri’s site dedicated to sharing her wellness and fashion finds–this mama-to-be was the founder of LEAF.TV, a “cool” millenial how-to video platform she built to 10m uniques a month before selling it a few years ago. She attributes her strong work ethic to having grown up with a single working mom, an important value she hopes to pass on to her kids.

We spent the afternoon playing dress-up at her home in the Hollywood Hills chatting about the wellness things she is constantly trying, what she’s eating (and not!) and why she’s embracing her stretch marks! @gerihirsch

Photos @alexaphoto

Current state of mind?

I feel very calm shockingly. I was miserable the first 5 months, but I survived and now I’m feeling at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain panic will set in just before I’m due!


Yes! I recently started working with a doula @umamother who’s put me at ease. She explained that giving birth is like a dance between the mother and the baby. For some time now I was thinking that I would have to fight to get my baby out rather than it be a shared effort between mother and baby—she entirely shifted my perspective and it’s been so liberating.

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I try to workout 3 days a week with a trainer plus I go on hikes with my husband a couple times a week and followed by 2 super lazy days. I’m trying to stay physically strong and keep my stamina up as it’s supposed to help with delivery. Plus I read that exercise makes a healthier and happy baby.


Wine. For sure! I can smell a glass of wine across the room. However I’m not drinking wine or coffee—which is the other thing I really want.

Foods you’re avoiding?

All of the recommended things like sushi, anything that’s pasteurized, or has mold like mushrooms, except peanut butter. And I’ve added meat to my diet, which I normally don’t eat, but during pregnancy all bets are off and baby comes first. I’m committed to listening to and nurturing my body.

How do you EAT?

I identify with being a flexitarian—which is a real term! It basically means that you eat what your body is craving but years will go by and I won’t eat meat. I don’t typically have a craving for it, but during pregnancy, I just couldn’t get enough protein and there’s only so many beans or greek yogurt that you can eat. It’s hard to subsidize protein and it’s so important for a growing baby—I read that protein is the building block for baby’s tissue and cells. I typically eat fish, but the challenge with fish during pregnancy is that you’re really only supposed to have 2 servings a week considering the mercury levels. Any meat or fish that I do eat has to be organic and I won’t eat it out at restaurants unless it’s grass-fed and organic—which in LA is not hard to find. 

What is your wellness routine during pregnancy?

I’m a major wellness lover! Transcendental Meditation (done first thing in the morning w/ my husband), plus I’m all about a daily self massage by rubbing oil over my body morning and night while gently massaging and “connecting” to bebe because I was noticing that a whole day would go by and I hadn’t even checked in with myself plus I drink hot water with lemon throughout the day (especially on an empty stomach), and I stretch before bed every night.

Stretch marks?

Are definitely a thing and I’m not upset about them. I almost see them as a badge of honor but at the same time I’m trying to keep them under control, let’s be honest.

First indulgence post-pregnancy?

Sugarfish sushi with a Sapporo–1000% happening at the hospital!

And, your beauty products?

I’m constantly trying out new routines and products, but as of late, I’m all about a jade roller for inflammation, dry brushing, and a gentle face and body exfoliant 3x a week. Product wise, I love goop by Juice Beauty (especially the Instant Facial), Primally Pure non-toxic deodorant, French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish, and Drifter Organics Body Butters for preventing stretch marks.

Feeling about your body and boobs?

Since I’ve stopped feeling miserable, I now honestly feel the most beautiful I’ve ever felt in my life. And I’m not just saying that—it’s like a magical super power that only women have and feels pretty special.

If your pregnancy were a song – what would it be?

“Let it Be” by the Beatles. Things are constantly changing and my mind tends to wander, so I love this reminder to let it be.

Advice on career, life or being a woman…

OMG how long do we have? YES! Throughout everything, I think it’s invaluable to stand up for yourself, those around you, and the things that are important to you. Work hard while giving yourself just as much time to love yourself and restore. Do actions everyday that make you proud – don’t worry about the rest. And support other women!


Love yourself and those around you.