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Holiday Dressing Tips

According to Geri, holiday party dressing–even while pregnant–should be the least stressful part of the festive season! If you’re showing your bump the key is to still dress like yourself–don’t be afraid to wear over-the-knee boots, layer bold necklaces or even try the latest trend & adjust for your belly. She firmly believes, you shouldn’t feel that you need to look matronly or only wear tight dresses & most importantly have fun with clothing because it’s part of what makes you feel confident.

1. To begin, be sure to give yourself ample time to get ready, don’t rush if possible! It’s one thing when you’re pregnant to feel amazing naked (when you can see what’s happening with your body) and it’s another thing entirely when you’re dressing this new body (meltdowns may occur). Therefore, considering your body is ever changing, it may take a few tries to nail your evening look. My feeling is, if you eliminate the stress of time, you at least give yourself the space you need to feel great in your look.

2. Focus on your your glow. Spend time nurturing your skin because if you look radiant, you’ll feel radiant and that’s all that matters. If you’re attending a really important holiday affair, plan ahead of time to wear hydrating masks such as Goop’s Instant Facial and May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud and if you can, consider going for a facial. I use Goop’s mask the day before I have something I want to look extra glow-y for and the Honey Mud on a regular basis. In addition, I love Tata Harper’s Contouring Eye Mask (which is more or less a thick eye cream that I sleep in). And, if I’m really ambitious, I’ll slide on some French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish.


3. Have fun with accessories! Colorful shoes or dramatic accessories offer an opportunity to elevate your look, plus you don’t have to worry as much about how they fit. Think mustard yellow mules paired with a matching pant/blouse set or an over-the-knee boot worn with a comfortable, swingy dress.

4. Layer holiday appropriate fabrics such as a sheer mesh or lace long sleeve top under a slip dress that you already own both to optimize your current closet and transform an otherwise non-looking-holiday-outfit into a look with holiday cheer. 


5. Consider outfits that allow for one-stop-dressing such as a top & bottom sets in matching prints or a jumpsuit to avoid decision fatigue. A lot of the HATCH styles are brilliant for this reason as they allow you to still feel fashionable, cool & like yourself .

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to party! 



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