HATCH at HOME: Alexandra Willkie

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know a few HATCH mamas in real life here in New York City. They invited us into their homes, at all stages of pregnancy (and postpartum!), to chat through the different ways they arrived at motherhood, their highs and lows, and their go-to pregnancy beauty products. Above all else, they kept it real real. And that’s what we love most about our HATCH community.

This week, meet Alexandra Willkie as she opens up about the loss of her first pregnancy and how connecting with other women helped her heal, plus her clean beauty routine and her favorite part about being pregnant. Read on to meet Alexandra!

Describe your path to pregnancy.

Having been told my various doctors since my teenage years that my sporadic cycle and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) would likely affect my fertility, I had a feeling my path to pregnancy wouldn’t be straightforward. What I didn’t anticipate however – after years of agonizing about whether or not I’d be able to get pregnant – was the possibility of suffering a miscarriage. 

I was stunned when my first pregnancy ended in a loss. I felt alone – and the absence of the second heartbeat I’d grown to think about daily didn’t help. Our cultural norm of waiting to reveal a pregnancy because of fears around miscarriage ultimately consigns expectant mothers who experience a loss to suffer without support. I decided to open up about the experience, and hearing from women who were able to emphasize ultimately got me through. 

My second pregnancy came nine months later. Our baby girl arrives this coming February 2020, and I cannot wait to meet her.

What surprised you the most about pregnancy?

Now that I’m nearly nine months, I find that time has moved in the most mysterious ways. The early weeks were nerve-racking and long; the second trimester flew by in a blur; and the third has been a crazy mix of feeling that she’s nearly here but not yet knowing when – OR what that will mean. 


How did your beauty routine change after getting pregnant?

Both my skin, and my beauty routine, changed a lot after getting pregnant.  I was more-or-less using clean skincare, hair care, and make-up for over a year leading up to my pregnancy, but I became even stricter when I got pregnant. That being said, my actual routine got a whole lot more lax: I am super tired in the evenings and my multi- step regimen has been significantly paired back. My hormonal, acne-prone skin has been my biggest pregnancy insecurity, but funnily enough I’ve found the less I mess with it the better, so I’m keeping it quick for now. 

Advice to your pre-pregnancy self?

Eat alllllll the sushi. 

Your pregnancy style in one word:


What do you LOVE about being pregnant?

I love the feeling of carrying a child. I wouldn’t trade the weeks of nausea or my all-too-frequent bathroom breaks for the joy of having a little buddy around at all times. In times of stress or anxiety, I feel comforted by her little kicks and the knowledge I’m not alone. Ultimately, I’ve found that being pregnant has brought me a unique sense of calm: maybe I’m trying to provide the best possible prenatal environment for her, or maybe she’s just a peaceful presence!? (thought I’m sure I’ll question this once she arrives … ).

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