HATCH at HOME: Liz Teich

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know a few HATCH mamas in real life here in New York City. They invited us into their homes, at all stages of pregnancy (and postpartum!), to chat through the different ways they arrived at motherhood, their highs and lows, and their go-to pregnancy beauty products. Above all else, they kept it real real. And that’s what we love most about our HATCH community.

This week, meet Liz Teich, a stylist here in New York City as she prepares to welcome baby no. 2 to the brood. Here, Liz chats the long road to her second pregnancy, lessons learned, and advice to her pre-preggo self (spoiler alert: you got this, mama!). Read on to get to know the lovely and always-stylish Liz.  

Describe your path to pregnancy.

This one was a long road with a miscarriage prior (you can read more about it here, but it was worth the wait! I knew right away when it finally happened. 

What surprised you the most about motherhood/pregnancy?

How your whole life changes instantly and nothing else matters as much. 

How did your beauty routine change after getting pregnant?

I only want to use clean beauty / non-toxic products now. I’m much more conscious about what I put on my body as much as inside. I read ingredient labels a lot more and if I can’t understand what’s in products, I check EWG to see if products and ingredients are safe. I’m even more conscious about it during this pregnancy, especially after having a miscarriage. 

Advice to your pre-mama or pre-pregnancy self?

You thought you were busy now, you weren’t! Things you thought were serious before, especially at work, aren’t as big of a deal. You’ll be a pro at time management more than you ever thought.  

Your pregnancy style in one word?


What do you LOVE about being pregnant?

That my body is growing a human and the best is when you can feel them move. This time around I love it even more because it’s so sweet to see my son connect with the baby already and give my belly kisses every night. 

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