HATCH at HOME: Nicole Drummond

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know a few HATCH mamas in real life here in New York City. They invited us into their homes, at all stages of pregnancy (and postpartum!), to chat through the different ways they arrived at motherhood, their highs and lows, and their go-to pregnancy beauty products. Above all else, they kept it real real. And that’s what we love most about our HATCH community. 

This week, meet first-time mama to be Nicole Drummond. Here, Nicole chats how pregnancy has allowed her to connect with other woman, advice to her pre-pregnant self, plus why staying active has been so crucial for her during this special and crazy time. Read on to get to know Nicole!

Describe your path to pregnancy.

My husband, Andrew, always wanted kids from the time we’ve been married, over six years now! I was the one on the fence, but woke up earlier this year with a bee in my bonnet “the time is now!” We decided to get my IUD taken out after discussing with my GYNO about timing as I’d been on birth control for a really long time. My husband, Andrew and I were really excited and thought getting pregnant would take a while so we decided to take our time and figure out my cycles to help us plan better. I bought ovulation tests and found those to be really helpful; I would take them weekly and randomly a pregnancy test… We found out when I was 4 weeks pregnant that I was pregnant on July 30th, I thought the test was a mistake so I proceeded to take 4 more… and another the next day! I called my OBGYN to schedule the blood test to confirm a few days later. We got pregnant after a month… talk about life-changing.

What surprised you the most about pregnancy?

How lovely other pregnant women are/new mamas – meaning I always found it tough to make girlfriends, and this pregnancy has been the easiest way to connect with other women and make friends! Also, the other surprising thing for me has been how much I feel as though I’m living in this body that isn’t my own any longer and it’s such an exciting and interesting feeling. I feel powerful.

How did your beauty routine change after getting pregnant?

The first trimester was some of the worst acne I ever had in my life! But, the second trimester has been glowing! I use body balms and oils a lot more than I ever did before! Mostly, clearly, on my growing belly and also on my legs, my skin feels extra dry being pregnant in the late fall/winter, so I’m super grateful for items like Belly Oil! I have been an all-natural – clean makeup convert for 2 years now and only use natural deodorants and soaps. I have noticed my eyes are much more scratchy/tough to wear contact lenses.

Advice to your pre-pregnancy self?

The first trimester might be tough – but, you’re not alone, I relied a lot on my partner and forums as well as asking my friends who have already had babies. Make sure you start taking a prenatal vitamin around 3 months prior and learn what you can safely take in case nausea gets bad because you need to keep eating through nausea to support your growing fetus! Also, working out during pregnancy has been crucial for me, I did have to stop running because of shortened breath, but Pilates and FPC have been crucial for me!

Your pregnancy style in one word.


What do you LOVE about being pregnant?

I suffer from migraines that put me out of commission for at least 24 hours at a time and have missed much work due to them. Aside from headaches in the first trimester (mostly due to not eating enough from nausea), I haven’t had migraines, which has been my favorite side effect of being pregnant. The other part is just feeling like a badass… being pregnant is powerful!

Anything else you want to add!

Two things, one is that taking care of your health is always important, and even more so when you’re pregnant because it’s easy to do NOTHING, you’re exhausted, nauseous, and truly not feeling like you. So, keep up a routine of going on daily walks, or to your pilates class or a spin class if you can, not only for your physical being for mentally as well. Second, pregnancy has taught me so much about being patient, it literally is just … waiting. I look forward to applying my new patience in being a mother.

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