HATCH at HOME: Shusmita Chowdhury

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know a few HATCH mamas in real life here in New York City. They invited us into their homes, at all stages of pregnancy (and postpartum!), to chat through the different ways they arrived at motherhood, their highs and lows, and their go-to pregnancy beauty products. Above all else, they kept it real real. And that’s what we love most about our HATCH community. 

This week, meet Shusmita Chowdhury. This lawyer and soon-to-be mama sounds off on her favorite part about being pregnant, how she switched up her beauty routine once she was expecting, plus her revelation about pizza. Hint: she gets what all the fuss is about now. Keep reading to get to know Shusmita.  

Describe your path to pregnancy.

SURPRISE! (Obviously a very happy one!)

What surprised you the most about motherhood/pregnancy?

Smiles from strangers when they notice I’m pregnant. 

How did your beauty routine change after getting pregnant?

Completely. I mostly used medicated products before and I’ve had to trade them in for gentler alternatives. 

Advice to your pre-mama (or pre-pregnancy) self?

It gets better after the first trimester! It didn’t feel like it would. 

Your pregnancy style in one word:


What do you LOVE about being pregnant?

Pizza tastes incredible. I never knew why people were so obsessed. Now I do. I also love feeling the mini swim about, it’s like having a little friend with me all the time. 

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