HATCH Denim Star Heloise Guerin On Modeling While Pregnant And Shooting With Husband, Victor Demarchelier

A beautiful French-born model, her handsome photographer husband + their gorgeous toddler all come together for a denim shoot at their charming East Hampton home. It sounds like an urban legend straight from the pages of VOGUE, but it’s actually the charmed life of Heloise (or LouLou, to her besties) Guerin and Victor Demarchelier. For the new HATCH denim campaign, the pair made it a family affair in the Hamptons, as a very pregnant Heloise donned our newest denim styles along with 18-month old daughter Alice, while Victor photographed them in the glowing, intimate light of home. The whole thing was pretty sweet. We got to sit down with this glowing mama afterwards and talk life as a pregnant model (whoah), the difference between bringing up bebe in the US vs. France, and the special sweet treat she makes for her Victor every night. Ooh lala!

So this is your second pregnancy. Congrats!!! How are you feeling? Do you know what you’re having?

I’m 30 weeks now and the time has been flying by! We’re expecting another girl!

I’ve been feeling okay overall, apart from some classic pregnancy issues like sciatica and varicose veins. I just find it to be more physically tiring this time because I have to take care of my 18 month old daughter, and I don’t get to relax or take care of myself like I did during the first pregnancy.

The difference between the first and second pregnancy is crazy in that way! Have you been practicing any selfcare or some indulgent rituals to spoil yourself? 

I’m lucky if I can squeeze in a massage with Janet Markovits at Maternal Massage and More or see my chiropractor Randi Jaffe, both of whom really help with body pain. I also practice pilates once a week for alignment at Real Pilates and take a Fit Pregnancy Club class once in a while for a little more cardio! I was feeling very tired during my second trimester so I took it easy. I think listening to your body is key. I also wear compression tights and a supportive belly band whenever I can and use almond oil all over my body. I’ve also switched my beauty routine to all natural products. Tata Harper and Marie Veronique are my favorite brands.

Have you had any cravings or weird food aversions? Has your diet changed at all?

Diet-wise I don’t feel like my appetite got necessarily bigger but I allow myself more carbs and treats than I usually have. I make my husband and me a chocolate sundae every night. Shhhh….


How’s the work/mom “balance” thing going?

I think being a model and a mom works perfectly together, as any other freelancing job would. It allows me to be very present in my daughter’s life and it gives me a lot of freedom regarding my schedule. I couldn’t be happier! I also find work to be more rewarding now that I have a child. I appreciate it even more than I used to! To me, it is very important to keep an occupation or a passion outside of a mom’s life in order to stay centered and sane. I’ve been shooting and traveling quite frequently while pregnant, but they’ve all been fun projects. I’ll be happy to look back at these images later on. 

What’s it like to model while pregnant? It must be very intimate.

It is a truly different experience shooting as a pregnant model. For some reason you are not in a “work” state of mind, and the people you work with are particularly kind and respectful of your body and your needs. It’s all for the best! 

So you shot our beautiful denim campaign with your husband, Victor behind the lens (and Alice too!). Can you describe what that experience was like? 

I wouldn’t call shooting with my husband “work.” At least it doesn’t feel like it, especially for a project like this where he shoots me pregnant with our daughter in a familiar place, and with the most minimal team. It felt very intimate and natural. I am very lucky to have a husband photographer to capture these beautiful moments of our life! I would not have done it with anyone else but him, and I think it translates into the pictures.


Who’s your style icon, pregnant or non-pregnant?

Jane Birkin

How would you describe your maternity style? Non-maternity?

My maternity style is loose everything. I need to be as comfortable as possible. My favorites are my HATCH overalls and my husband’s tee-shirts. My non-maternity style is jeans, jeans, jeans – dressed up and dressed down. I can’t wait to fit back into them! 

As a French woman living in the United States, can you describe any cultural differences you’ve experienced in the pregnancy process as well as in raising children?

I think the main difference between raising a kid in France verses the US is that in France, everything is a little simpler and less of a big deal. Starting with the pregnancy, you would see your ob-gyn maybe half the number of times you would see one here. We also don’t have access to all these pre and postnatal classes. People don’t have doulas, night nurses or weekend nannies, and kids mainly follow their parents routine instead of the opposite. I guess I kind of fall in the middle. I realize it is a luxury to easily find help for whatever concerns you might have!

Any tips or advice for mamas-to-be out there?

What I would say to a becoming mother is to not overplan everything or compare yourself to the other moms out there, even though we all tend to. Instead, enjoy every moment in the present and just trust your instinct for the rest of it!

What are you most excited for as a family of four?

I’m so excited for Alice to have a little sister, to see them interact and to learn from each other! I hope they are as close as I am to my own sister.

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