Giving Back

HATCH x Indego Africa

Every day is Mother’s Day for us, so we’ve decided to dedicate a whole month – May – to shouting about some of the mamas we hold close to our hearts: the working ones. We partnered with Indego Africa – a nonprofit that supports working mothers in Rwanda through economic empowerment and education – to create a line of tees (and a onesie!) that are hand-embroidered by the IBABA Cooperative in Rutongo, Rwanda.


The IBABA Cooperative is comprised of 40 women who specialize in the art of hand embroidery and stitching. Their moving stories inspired us not only to share their journey, but to support their artistry, affording them the tools to overcome cycles of intergenerational poverty.  Emelithe Nyirasangwa (pictured above) has been able to send her children to school thanks to a consistent monthly income that her previous work on a small farm did not afford her. Similarly, Pelagie Nyiraneza (pictured below) was able to start saving for her children’s futures, and open her first bank account.
When we began working with Indego Africa, we wanted to create pieces that felt easy and fun, light and happy.  The “MAMAN,” “i love you” and “Bananas” tees plus “Chou-Chou” onesie are meant to convey the sweet sentiments we feel around Mom’s Day. Our linen jersey Crew Tee provides the essential base for these messages. In addition to 100% of the production costs going straight into the hands of the women of IBABA, HATCH is donating a generous percentage of the proceeds of every sale so that they receive more, enabling them to reclaim their futures, and drive development in their community. We’re so proud to empower working mothers this Mother’s Day, even from half a world away. Take a peek at the HATCH x Indego Africa Tees.





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