Caroline Snider

As the last but certainly not least in our #HATCHgal series, the beautiful Caroline Snider has the soul of a wanderer and the style of our quintessential HATCHgal. Six months pregnant with their first baby, Caroline delved into details about her life as a photographer, former nomad, and soon-to-be new mama.

HATCH/When are you due?!
CAROLINE/June 2017
HATCH/How would you describe your personal style?
CAROLINE/Classic, comfortable and fun.
HATCH/What inspires you when picking out your outfit in the morning?
CAROLINE/Normally something horribly dull like the weather or what I have on the cards for that day. If I’m working at home or around the house I love to lounge in lux casual pieces. Light cotton or linen dresses for the summer and Cashmere joggers and a cardigan for the winter. If I have a day of activities out of the house planned I love an excuse to wear a dress, maybe paired down with some ankle boots to keep everything practical for rushing around. I’ve definitely found as I’ve transitioned into my 30s I care much less for micro trends and much more for quality and designs that will stand the test of time.
HATCH/Hardest part of dressing while pregnant?
CAROLINE/Honestly I find the unpredictability quite hard, I bloated early in pregnancy, which led many, including myself, to believe I would show pretty early on. However as my first trimester and subsequent morning sickness came to an end the bloating subsided and at 20 weeks I’m still relatively bump-less, just a little paunchy. So mostly I’m just trying to not appear as though I simply spent Thanksgiving and Christmas over indulging whilst quietly envying the sweet rounded tummies I see around town.
HATCH/How does HATCH help dressing the bump?
CAROLINE/HATCH has been my savior in these strange and wonderful last 4 months. The fact that their pieces are designed for pre, post and during pregnancy means I have felt put together and stylish in items that have allowed me to also feel comfortable which couldn’t be more important when you’re not feeling your best. My husband laughs that I may have to be physically removed from my cashmere onesie. It’s by far my favourite piece in my wardrobe.
HATCH/3 things you can’t live without in your closet?
CAROLINE/1. A workhorse pair of ankle boots with a small heel, they need to be flattering enough to wear with dresses and perfect with jeans as well. 2. The perfect fitting pair of jeans. I prefer a dark wash, skinny that hits just above the ankle and a high-rise waist. 3. A fun dress that lifts my mood. I love vintage pieces for something different, they’re always a joy to wear and usually spark fun conversations whilst I’m out and about.

HATCH/What motherhood means to you in one sentence…
CAROLINE/It’s hard to put all the far-reaching and ever changing emotions I feel about my impending motherhood into one sentence. They seem too vast, but in the interest of brevity I would say; exhilarating, daunting and what feels like a truly unique opportunity to bring more goodness into the world.
HATCH/What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
CAROLINE/Be true to yourself then you’ll always feel beautiful.
HATCH/What would say the style vibe of your town?
CAROLINE/My husband and I are natural born wanderers. We recently move to the Hudson Valley in Upstate NY by way of a decade in Los Angeles, a year in Chicago and 18 months spent travelling the country in our renovated Winnebago. Sometimes this country living feels like a huge adjustment and sometimes I think we took to it so easily. We live close to Bard College, a big liberal arts school, and I love watching the students at such a fun time in their lives expressing themselves and their creativity through what they wear. Aside from that there’s a lot of NYC transplants, whether they’re up for a weekend break from the city or like us have made the jump to country living it means the surrounding area feels like a wonderful mix of Old School East Coast with touches of the best of city living.
HATCH/What are your favorite brands for baby?
CAROLINE/I’m extremely lucky that my Mum is a talented and dedicated knitter so some of babies most treasured heirloom pieces will be things she has lovingly knitted. Aside from that I try to shop small wherever possible but I’ve found Zara Mini to be especially darling for the first year. H&M and Old Navy (rather surprisingly) have proven to be great for cute basics as well. I actually bought for the whole first year during the sales, which I hope doesn’t turn out to be one of those first time Mum faux-pas..
HATCH/Can you walk us through your morning beauty ritual…
CAROLINE/My husband and I both work from home and are notoriously bad morning risers. It’s a constant battle to do better and start the day on the right foot but a few years back I banned all electronics from the bedroom and it was single handedly one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family. Aside from that when I wake up it’s straight in the shower, my favourite place in the world to be. I try to incorporate dry brushing and moisturizing head to toe into my daily routine but some days I’m better than others. After, it’s normally a long glass of Kombucha, which I brew myself at home, and some eggs for breakfast. My skin is incredibly temperamental and until a year ago I would have to change skincare brands with increasing regularity to stop the most uncomfortable eczema breakouts. I now use the Korean skincare brand Laneige’s Hydration program (available at Target) and my skin is the best it’s ever been. A few years ago I made the decision to stop styling and dying my hair so regularly and the difference in it’s health and my speed in getting ready is noticeable. I wash my hair once every 5 days and use Batiste dry shampoo to get me through. I keep my makeup routine simple and rarely switch it up; filling in my brows has been a game changer of the last few years however. I learnt way too late in life that for someone with skin as fair as mine, eyeliner and mascara are far more flattering in brown than black. Aside from that a few sweeps of blusher and I’m ready for the day!
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