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Jennifer Fisher


With the famed charm collection, the line of white diamond initialed cuffs and delicate chain link bracelets with mini gothic lettering (among many other collections), it’s hard not to snatch up everything JF.
Jennifer got her start in jewelry design by initializing her loved ones (and then admirers). After a difficult diagnosis and trials at getting pregnant, her dream came true. When she wanted to find an appropriate way to memorialize the birth of her son Shane, Jennifer designed his name on to a dog tag. The questions and request from friends started rolling in and the Jennifer Fisher Jewelry business began. Now, years later, with two beautiful children and a successful business, we’re catching up with Jennifer. Read on for her current jewelry must-haves, what bag she’s carrying and her top three styling tips.
Describe your style in 6 words or less.
Downtown minimal
How has your fashion sense evolved into what it is today?
I think like anyone, their tastes evolve and change as the years go by. I find myself dressing a lot more minimal which is something that is also reflected in our recent jewelry collections. I have cleaned things up a lot and feel very strongly about making a statement with accessories but in a refined way.
How does HATCH suit your style?
HATCH makes great staples that are comfortable and cozy. Every girl needs good staples in her wardrobe.

JF WP jf wp 2

 What trends are you currently loving?
I am currently loving a great choker- this is something you can wear with a t-shirt or a gown. I love layering them.
What is your philosophy when it comes to selecting jewelry?
Jewelry makes an outfit in my opinion. Most days I decide what jewelry I want to wear first and then dress around it. I think women like having a personal connection to their jewelry- which is why our charm necklaces are our core business. Being able to wear your life on a chain is impactful. If I am not wearing my charm necklace- I am carrying it with me. It is my talisman.

Products 2

What bag are you currently carrying?
Currently I am using my Celine fanny pack in black- it is perfect for weekends with the kids and running around so my hands are free. For night, I’ll transition to a clutch and use my Edie Parker custom “FISHER” bag- it’s a go-to for a night out.
If you could only keep 5 products in your bag, what would they be?
Tatcha blotting papers, YSL Clear Gloss, Listerine breath spray, Dior Red 999 for night, and Jennifer Fisher x RGB Nail Polish in Taken– its the perfect clear/white color for when I am in need of a quick manicure. 

jf wp 4bag wp

Where was your last vacation and where will your next one be?
I am on vacation right now! Hi from St. Barths! My last trip was to London last week, but not for a vacation, for work. I can’t wait to go back.
Top 3 style ‘dos’
1/ Always dress for yourself- no one else.
2/ Wear what makes you feel confident!
3/ Don’t forget your jewelry.
We’re thrilled to have Jennifer as one of the muses of our HATCH x The Glow Sleepers. To see more chic mamas, follow @hatchgal and #HATCHtagged. To see more of Jennifer’s jewelry and life, follow her at @jfisherjewelry.

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