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Laney Crowell

I serendipitously ran into Laney at Clover Cafe with a mutual friend of ours and was instantly drawn to her magnetic confidence and ease. Laney is the founder of The Moment, a beauty and wellness site dedicated to defining your own beauty, which she launched after an extensive career as director of editorial content and social strategies for Esteé Lauder.

At nearly 9 months pregnant, I picked Laney’s brain for her go-to beauty swaps as well as the most unexpected things to have happened to her thoughout her pregnancy which no one prepared her for. And while her pregnancy may not have been smooth sailing in the end she likens it to Take 5 by Dave Brubeck because if it’s taught her one thing, it’s to go slow and listen to her body. @laneycrowell @themoment 



So nice. I feel like I’m in the best stage of my pregnancy which is funny because most people say that the end is the hardest for them. Overall I feel good, really peaceful and VERY excited.


Peet Rivko has been a huge swap for me! It’s this new brand for sensitive skin with an incredibly interesting founder and chic packaging. Most importantly their face wash is like Cetaphil but nontoxic – that’s how I describe it. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil all throughout my teenage and college years but then I found out how toxic it is and full of fillers;  I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since. Once I found Peet Rivko my world transformed.

Secondly, Transcendental Mediation for Kundalini Meditation mainly because I wasn’t able to workout the way that I wanted to and was looking for a way to get my energy out. Kundalini involves a lot of arm movements and therefore is a bit more physical.

Unfortunately, I had to swap out my regular NIKES for men’s NIKES because my feet have become so flat!

Lastly, I swapped Coffee for matcha. I never drank a ton of coffee before but whenever I’ve needed a little caffeine I’ve turned to matcha, which I actually love making at home.


Combine matcha with hot water (quantity as per your matcha brand’s directions) in a Vitamix or mixer – I use CAP Beauty’s matcha and blend it until frothy.

Add a tablespoon of coconut oil so it’s a bit sweeter – typically when you order from matcha bars they add sugar which I try to avoid.

Splash of homemade cashew milk.

And a tablespoon of Sun Potion Tocos Powder (Rice Bean Solubles) which is full of vitamin E and D


Hydration is key! I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by all the pregnancy things that no one ever talks about. For example, the dire need to properly hydrate — don’t get me wrong, you’re certainly told to hydrate but not to the degree that you really NEED to hydrate. I didn’t fully understand what true hydration meant until I went into early labor because of dehydration plus I had Restless Legs and Braxton Hicks. Turns out when you’re pregnant you actually need 2-3 LITERS of water per day with electrolytes preferably — this is not your average 8 glasses of water. So ladies, hear me when I say ‘Drink up!’

Emotions… Not just because of hormones, but you’re growing a lot both physically and mentally — this was something that I didn’t expect. I kind of thought that I’d get pregnant, keep working, then have the baby and that somehow it would be this seamless process. It’s not been that at all, it’s been a far more spiritual journey than I thought it would be.

My skin! I really wish that someone would have told me about pregnancy acne beforehand because this is legit a thing. It took me about 4 months to get my skin under control and while I know that not everyone suffers from this, mine was really bad.

Build your support system… I wish I’d thought more about this ahead of time. I now have this incredible community of people that I go to for my back and energy, including my acupuncturist, healer and yogi, but it took time to find them. In hindsight I would have geared up for this earlier on in my pregnancy.


I use Pete Rivko‘s body oil, it’s super hydrating, plus PAI Calming Lotion before bed.


Pretty emotional about all the changes that have happened to my body, for example, my abs splitting. Let’s be honest, I’ve gained weight before and for the most part I’ve always known how to fix that, but this is next level and I have no idea how to fix this. Same thing with my feet — Will I have to get rid of every pair of shoes that I own? I’ve gone up two sizes in my shoes! Its been pretty emotional. However, I try not to focus too much on these things and rather on manifesting positivity and appreciating the beauty of it all.


I found this amazing line called SKYLAR which was founded by a woman when she was pregnant because she couldn’t wear synthetic fragrances. They have a really nice scent called Meadow that I’ve been wearing a lot.


Massages! They help with puffiness and mobility. I use this app called ZEEL — they come to your apartment and it’s super affordable.


I definitely took the French approach to eating — I ate everything throughout including a glass of wine with dinner or  sushi from really good places. Plus I drank coffee if I really wanted and wasn’t super intense about food in general. As for beauty, I’ve made big changes because I don’t want to be putting toxins on my skin. I rely heavily on stores like Follain and CAP Beauty to do the vetting for me.


I only read one book throughout my pregnancy, Bringing Up Bebe in which the French say that pregnancy should be 9 months of spa. It’s a really nice sentiment and one that I’ve tried to embrace. 

Laney is wearing the Julia Soft Flutter Top and the Jane Maxi Dress

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