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When it comes to being a new mother, there’s a lot of guesswork. One part registry and one part discovery, the Cricket’s Circrle tightly curated shop carries all of the products you need and everything has been approved by Rachel and the site’s team.
Rachel got her start at Yves Saint Laurent before taking a leap and launching her own jewelry line Rachel Leigh. The leap was successful and the line quickly took off to being carried in over 200 retailers worldwide (and being Oprah approved). After selling the company in 2011, she worked with her husband Neil on his eyeglass retailer, Warby Parker until she decided to concentrate on Cricket’s Circle.
Rachel, Neil and their son Griffin live in the West Village and are expecting a new family member within the next month. We caught up with Rachel to talk about dressing for the bump,  what she carries in her purse and where she’s looking forward to heading for her next trip. 
Describe your style in 6 words or less.
Girly, polished, unexpected
How has your fashion sense changed since baby (or since you got pregnant)?
My number one style rule is to dress for your body – colors, fabrics and silhouettes. Before my first, I dressed in much more feminine silhouettes. After I had him, the silhouettes I chose to wear were more streamlined and modern. When I’m pregnant I generally go simple – skinny jeans, a loose forgiving top and blazer or an A-line dress, opaque black tights and blazer. After baby, I go loose and flowy until my body is back in shape – nobody (including myself) needs to know what’s really going on under that dress until I’m “back.”
Mother/Child matching, yea or nay?
Depends – most can’t pull this off (I probably couldn’t) but my friend Eva Chen nails it when she does.
How does HATCH suit your style?
It’s perfectly simple, polished, chic and forgiving.
hatch-rachel-blumenthal-085 copyWhat traits are you hoping your child inherits from you?
I hope my children inherit my husband’s confidence, vision and positive outlook on life and my ability to multi-task and eye for details.
What trends are you currently loving?
I feel so removed from fashion trends right now. When I’m pregnant I go so simple to dress comfortably, but ensure I always looked polished and not dumpy – black, white, navy, grey. The minute I have the baby and my body starts to bounce back I become a fashion fiend. The only fun things I’ve bought while pregnant are a rainbow colored Pierre Hardy bag and the rainbow colored studded Valentino stacked heel sandal.
What pre-parent fashion trend do you hope makes a comeback in your closet someday (i.e. what do you miss, if anything)?
I’m ready to wear my cut-off jean shorts again – though I’ll be lucky if that happens by August!
 What bag are you currently carrying?
I’m a bag addict but I also can’t carry anything heavy – which is limiting. I don’t have the patience to swap out my bag daily to go with what I’m wearing so I tend to swap out bags every few months. Right now I’m carrying a navy laser cut perforated Prada bag that I actually bought in the Charles de Gaulle airport on my way back from Paris a few years ago. I love it because it’s lightweight, a neutral color, the laser cut holes give it a really cool look/style and it has both short handles and a shoulder/messenger strap.
If you could only keep 5 products in your bag for you and baby/child, what would they be?
1/ EO Hand Sanitizer Lavender wipes – they have the best smell and don’t leave that gross residue that most hand sanitizers and wipes leave.
2/ Tata Harper BeAdored Tinted Lip Balm
3/ Apple EarPods – I hate having to hold my phone up to my face to talk, plus, with the earphones, I can mute the background noise if I’m on the phone while I’m with Griffin. When we’re in a taxi together we’ll also listen to music together – each with one earbud.
Warby Parker Sunglasses for me – I’m currently wearing a limited edition pair they did in collaboration with Maiyet this season, J.Crew sunglasses for Griffin – he always chooses red, his favorite color!
5/ Louis Vuitton epi leather Key Pouch – I stopped carrying a proper wallet years ago once Griffin was born. I ended up filling it with useless cards and receipts and it just became too heavy. Instead I use this for everyday. I put the 2 credit cards and my license in the outside pocket for easy access and everything else goes inside.
Rach for WPImg 3 Where was your last vacation and where will your next one be? Kids, please or kid-free?
Vacation = kid-free whereas Trip = kids. The last vacation we took was a quick trip to Miami (our last getaway before baby). We stayed at The Edition hotel, which was super easy and luxurious. We took long walks on the beach, did a little shopping at The Webster and had afternoon lunches at the Jean George restaurant by the pool.
The last trip we took was to Tulum, Mexico with Griffin over Christmas. We met up with a few of our friends and their kids, which made the days at the beach really easy and entertaining. We went to the cenotes and had ice cream at least twice a day. He still talks about how much fun he had so we’re already planning next year’s trip.
Top 3 ‘dos’ for dressing during pregnancy.
1/ Stretch, stretch, stretch!
2/ Buy your fit size vs the number size you think you are/want to be
3/ Have basics at the ready: layering tank tops, tights, underpinnings and jeans
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