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Bee Shapiro

An attorney by trade, a prominent fashion writer AND the owner of the scent-tastic beauty brand Ellis Brooklyn? Bee Chang Shapiro is one haute mama. Did we mention she has 2 little ones? Busy Bee (sorry) as she might be, she sat down to answer our questions on how to balance style, smell and the sweet ones.

HATCH/Describe your style in 6 words or less.
B.S./Unfussy and texture-oriented.

HATCH/How has your fashion sense changed since baby (or since you got pregnant?
B.S./I’m more decisive in the morning, out of necessity mostly but also I think having kids makes you know yourself better. But also before the babies, my default were my silk day dresses—in prints, solids, you name it. These days, I’m most likely in a sweater, jeans and boots. It’s easier to get down on the floor and play in and I’m still breastfeeding right now so a dress, if it’s not the shirtdress kind, can be a pain to navigate.
HATCH/Mother/Child matching, yea or nay?
B.S./Yea! Although I have yet to find the right outfit for my toddler, baby and me, but why not have your own Royal Tenenbaums moment?


HATCH/What 3 traits are you hoping your child inherits from you?
B.S./Loyalty, drive and the lifelong curiosity to learn.
HATCH/What 3 trends are you currently loving?
B.S./ 1.Funky slides and loafers and I’m not just talking about the Gucci ones. There are so many fun ones right now—flat shoes, which is what I wear all day every day, have never been more fun. 2. Artsy yet modern blouses. I like those done in regular cotton shirting. Ellery has great pieces, and I’ve been coveting one by MGSM. 3. All the different options for denim. I love that it’s not just about skinny jeans anymore. I’m on the hunt for the perfect wide leg pair that I can still wear with flats.
HATCH/What pre-parent fashion trend do you hope makes a comeback in your closet someday (i.e. what do you miss, if anything)?
B.S./With the timing of my pregnancies I totally missed out on both the cropped top and off the shoulder trends. I hope one day I’ll be back in form for when the crop top comes around again but I’m thinking a very sedate version where my belly button is well covered and it’s just a sliver of skin showing—my Britney Spears days are way over.
HATCH/What bag are you currently carrying?
B.S./I have narrow shoulders so I always end up favoring a crossbody bag because it stays on. I’ve been carrying the Saint Laurent Université bag in black lately. It’s the perfect size for running around town but not so big that I can tempted to overstuff it.
HATCH/If you could only keep 5 things in your bag for you and baby/child, what would they be?
B.S./Aquaphor, Water Wipes, Ellis Brooklyn Verb body milk (I tote around the sample size to use as hand lotion and as a last minute freshen-upper), Kind bar (no one wants to be hangry), iPhone


HATCH/Where was your last vacation and where will your next one be? Kids, please or kid-free?
B.S./Over the holidays we all went to Jupiter, Florida to visit one of my girl friends, who moved from New York to there to be with her boyfriend. I didn’t know what to expect, but we had an amazing time. With the boating culture, tons of beachfront and easygoing restaurants, it’s kiddie heaven. Our next vacation will be kid-free (woohoo!). We’re going to Paris in July for a friend’s wedding. Champagne, here I come.
HATCH/Top 3 ‘dos’ for dressing during pregnancy?
1. If you’re like me and not tall and willowy, do look for something more fitted or gently tailored, otherwise bohemian things easily veer into muu-muu territory. 2. If you’re pregnant in the winter, do buy Spanx maternity tights. Not being a Spanx wearer in my non-pregnant life, I bought multiple pairs of these bad boys, and they were the only thing that didn’t dig into my waist after sitting at my desk all day. 3. Do find a killer lipstick. There will be days when nothing is quite fitting right. That’s when you pull out your killer lipstick. A great shade can transform a very simple outfit. Like, wear your stretchy pants, er… athleisure outfit, to work with a red lip—how very French!
Bee is wearing The Juliet Sweater in dusty pink and The Dakota Dress, both from our Pre-Spring 2017 collection. Go here for more Haute Mama inspo  and follow HATCH on Instagram for for daily mama inspiration. 

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