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Courtney Adamo

When it comes to the juggling game, we’d say Courtney Adamo, co-founder of Babyccino, knows a thing or two. Parents to four (soon to be five!), Courtney and her husband have been traveling the world for the past year and a half with kiddos in tow. Courtney brings such light to everything she touches, this Mama glows even when she’s *not* pregs. She took some time out of her day (all the way from Byron Bay) to answer our questions about mamahood, essential styling tips, and making it work, with and without a bump.

HATCH/Describe your style in 6 words or less.
C.A./Simple, feminine, and slightly bohemian.

HATCH/How has your fashion sense changed since baby (or since you got pregnant)?
C.A./I’ve always worn a lot of loose-fitting dresses – a comfortable and effortless outfit (no choosing tops and bottoms), so I’ve actually continued wearing many of my pre-pregnancy dresses and haven’t changed my fashion very much.

HATCH/Mother/Child matching, yea or nay?
C.A./I suppose it depends on the style. I like my children to be dressed in an understated, timeless style. My girls wear a lot of sweet dresses and sandals – I suppose it’s not so different from my own style. I would happily match them if I could get some of their dresses in my size!

HATCH/What 3 traits are you hoping your child inherits from you?
C.A./I just hope this baby, being our 5th child, will be easygoing and mellow. Though judging from the amount of activity in my womb, I think we might be getting a wild child!

HATCH/What 3 trends are you currently loving?
C.A./Jumpsuits, clogs and vintage-inspired dresses.

HATCH/What pre-parent fashion trend do you hope makes a comeback in your closet someday (i.e. what do you miss, if anything)?
C.A./Gosh, I feel like I’ve been having babies for so long, I don’t remember what my closet was like before I became a mother! I guess I just look forward to one day having more time to think about my outfit choices, to accessorize and be more creative. Sometimes it feels like I’m so rushed to get dressed, I just choose the same few go-to pieces at the front of my closet.

HATCH/What bag are you currently carrying?
C.A./A big, natural woven beach bag with all our beach essentials. I haven’t carried an actual handbag in the past 18 months since we left London and embarked on our travels.

HATCH/If you could only keep 5 things in your bag for you and baby/child, what would they be?
C.A./I always have my hat with me (I love the hats from Brookes Boswell). When the baby arrives, I’m sure I’ll always have a sun bonnet and a swaddle on me as well. Living in Australia, I always have sunscreen in my bag and this one from Aesop is my favourite. I also love the perfumes and natural mosquito repellent from Coqui Coqui.


HATCH/Where was your last vacation and where will your next one be? Kids, please or kid-free?
C.A./Oh we always have our kids with us! We’ve just spent the past year and a half traveling around the world with our four children. We spent three months in South America followed by time in New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Japan and Europe. We’re currently back in Byron Bay, Australia hoping to settle here indefinitely. From here, we’d love to plan a trip to Bali and also to explore other areas of Australia we haven’t visited yet. 

HATCH/Top 3 ‘dos’ for dressing during pregnancy.
C.A./ 1.Wear comfortable clothing. 2. Embrace your new curves and don’t try to hide them. 3. If you need a wardrobe re-fresh, invest in new shoes.


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