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Simone LeBlanc

Graceful and kind, effortlessly polished. Chic. We are beyond the swoon when thinking about our Mother’s Day partner Simone LeBlanc. An expert curator and brilliant storyteller through the rare gift of being able to assemble a distinct and special…er, one that we so admire. We’ve been on the receiving end of her gorgeous concoctions and can tell you firsthand, you haven’t really been spoiled until you’ve been Simone LeBlanc’d. Read more about this Haute Mama’s unique POV.

HATCH/Describe your style in 6 words or less.
Relaxed feminine with a classic ease.

HATCH/How has your fashion sense changed since baby (or since you got pregnant)?
I’m now even more interested in pieces that offer quality and longevity. I don’t impulse purchase – I put thought into what I bring into my life. I focus on simplicity, classic comfort and quality as well as key pieces that have an impact and add versatility to my wardrobe for when I need to throw something on quick for an event or night out. My dream wardrobe scenario is very pared down, but every single thing in there I love – whether that means a t-shirt or a cocktail dress. I’m still working on that!

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HATCH/Mother/Child matching, yea or nay?
Color palette matching – yea! Head to toe outfit matching – nay!

HATCH/What 3 traits are you hoping your child inherits from you?
Creativity, resilience, and kindness.

HATCH/What 3 trends are you currently loving?
Slippers. I want them in every material. Velvet, tapestry, bright leathers. Garden party tea-dresses (always a great look but now, there’s so many more out there and they’re so beautiful to see). Bold, maximal pattern play (not my go to look but love the creativity that’s happening).

HATCH/ What pre-parent fashion trend do you hope makes a comeback in your closet someday (i.e. what do you miss, if anything)?
Suede and white. They still make an appearance – but less so due to the inevitable spills and park play dates that happen on repeat!

HATCH/What bag are you currently carrying?
I have two on repeat; Rachel Comey Larkin (it’s leather and raffia, and it’s excellent) and my Celine trio in lavender, navy, and tan. It’s so functional and the color combo is perfection.


Inside & Out—A look at our Good to Glow Gift Box.

HATCH/If you could only keep 5 things in your bag for you and baby/child, what would they be?
Water, roasted cashews, colored pencils, paper, i-phone.

HATCH/Where was your last vacation and where will your next one be? Kids, please or kid-free?
Our last vacation was in Mexico sans Lillian. For the Summer, we’re keeping it simple and taking advantage of the California excursions that are great as a family such as Ojai, Big Sur, Carmel, Marin, Healdsburg.

HATCH/Top 3 ‘d0s’ for dressing during pregnancy.
Find comfortable go – to pieces that help you feel put together with absolute ease. The Hatch Collection is truly perfect for this. Embrace the chic mumu. Seriously. Go for the easy little details – hat, sunglasses, a new yummy all natural lip gloss or lotion – the easy additions that you can treat yourself with on the days that you’re feeling less than stellar. And get a peek at our gorgeous “Good To Glow” Box. It won’t disappoint as a rare box of luxuries for mama to relax.


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