Iconic Blues

Our pre-spring campaign may be baby blue, but it’s made for you, mama. So to help put you in the mood, we’re looking back at The Blues: who wore ‘em best, made ‘em best, and even sang ‘em best. From Picasso’s Blue Period to Yves Klein, artists have always marveled in blue, so don’t be afraid to take on the full textures and prints of blue for the season (starting with our floral cheetah print!). If you need a little help along, always look to the style icons that embraced blue: think Bowie or Birkin. When all else fails, find your perfect pair of blue jeans—aka the wardrobe pinch-hitter.

Image cred: 1/ Rothko 2/Picasso 3/David Bowie 4/Blue hair 5/Jane Birkin 6/ Pierre Soulages. Composition 7/HATCH button down



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