Pink Covetables


Was it Veruca Salt who said, “don’t care how, I want it now”? Okay, we’re not that demanding, but it’s hard not to go all googly [insert heart eyes emoji here, right?] when we see pink pervading everyday spaces, closets, and products (see our new pre-spring collection!) Gimme gimme! Often associated with all things feminine and glam, our pink inspo is coming from the trinkets and style we’re coveting most right now. Pale pink may be baby girl’s domain, but mama, the hot pink lip, the salmon runners, the bubble-gum loveseat? Those are all yours.


Image cred: 1/Kicks 2/Vogue image 3/Pink Convertible 4/Sketch 5/Sunnies 6/HATCH Juliet Sweater
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