Super-stylish, mom-of-four, and Instagram sensation, Shalice Noel, is pregnant with her fifth… and is up to all kinds of fun!  We recently caught up on a perfect LA day, as per, chatting about her go-to pregnancy style, top fitness secret for keeping her (enviable) gams on point, and how working makes her a better mom.

Current state of mind?

I’m in the homestretch at seven months. I’m feeling heavier and not moving as fast with four kids and a fifth on the way.

You have four kids and one on the way—what’s the difference in ages?

The eldest two girls are two years apart, the third boy came a year after the second, and the fourth boy is a year younger than the third. We’re now having a boy, and he’ll be five years younger than the fourth.

I won’t lie, seeing as I’m kind of out of the weeds with the first four, I’m a little nervous about having to potty train all over again, but it’s with renewed energy. A lot has happened in the past five years with the blog, and we moved across the country; therefore a pregnancy break was much needed. With all that said, as much as I’m uncomfortable right now, I’m also loving styling the bump and having the kids be at an age where there can enjoy and remember me being pregnant. They have loved feeling involved and going to doctor appointments!

Does being pregnant again feel like riding a bike?

In some ways, yes and in other ways no. Every pregnancy has been different, but I’m more tired with this one as I’m older and have four kids to chase!

How has each of your pregnancies differed?

Girls vs. boys are different in every way from the appearance to intensity. I tend to carry my girls more round in the belly, plus I hold more water retention and feel nauseous throughout, and the boys tend to look more like torpedos with less water retention. Also, with my first and second girl, they kicked my ribs so hard from the inside that I had bruises on the outside—which was wild and to the point of pain. I guess this makes sense considering they’re both fireballs. Whereas the boys tend to kick after I eat or drink anything, but without much intensity—perhaps it’s indicative of their characters as well… it all aligns so far!

Did you always dream of having a large family?

Early on when we were still dating, my sister asked my now-husband, “Are you sure you want to date her because she wants six kids?” I was so mad at her at the time for blurting that out, but in the end, it was okay because he did too! 🙂 From the time that I was young, I always wanted a big family. When I was 14, I had a friend with four siblings, and their family looked like they had so much fun. Her mom was so chic & fabulous and always wore these fantastic palazzo pants. Ever since then I wanted that too.

However, I don’t think we’ll make it to six kids (unless we adopt) as my body has just about had it. Five is a good run though! We’ve been very productive over 11 years of marriage, quite literally.

What’s key to managing a big family?

Being comfortable in the chaos. I’m not a neat freak or a super perfectionist, which works in my favor. When you have multiples, you have to learn to pick your battles.

How do you take time as a couple?

We make it a priority to carve out time together each week. When we first moved to LA it was hard to coordinate sitters, so we got in the habit of putting the kids to bed, grabbing a bottle of wine, and posting up on our front porch. It doesn’t have to be a big production, as long as we have a moment to connect.


What have you been craving?

I’m laughing because I crave everything green with this baby so I joke that he’s going to come out green. There’s this cafe near my house that knows my salad order by heart and has it ready for me every day like clockwork — I can’t seem to get enough salads, kale, and asparagus! It’s funny because with each of my kids I wanted something different and particular. With my first it was pickles,  grapefruit with the second, balsamic vinaigrette with the third, and gummy bears (unfortunately) with the fourth!

What’s been your go-to pregnancy style?

I like accentuating the belly and have been living in a bodycon dress with a Gucci belt worn above the bump. Sometimes I’ll pair this with an Alice & Olivia trench, worn with sneakers or a heel. I look presentable and chic, but I’m also comfortable.

What’s your pregnancy wellness routine?

At this point, it’s safe to say that I’m a professional pregnant person. However, with this pregnancy, I’ve been highly cognizant of not looking like I’m carrying an extra 20 pounds of water weight in photos. Therefore, I’ve been drinking pregnancy tea and staying active with walking and light resistance training. I recently bought a Pilates Resistance Ring, which I put between my thighs to shape them. I swear by it and will continue to do it even when I’m not pregnant too. My body is at a weird point right now as everything is shifting. I also bought bands for light resistance, plus eating smart is critical—I don’t go crazy with ice cream and such.

How did you get your start creating content?

About five years ago, back in Chicago, I would go thrifting, then model my wears and sell them online. After doing this for a while, a friend encouraged me to start posting my outfits on Instagram, back when Instagram was still kind of newish. I remember being thrilled when I hit 1K followers, and then when I gained 10K I did a happy dance at Target! Soon after, Anthropologie posted about me a few times which considerably helped grow my awareness. It took a while to build my following, but I attribute my success both to the consistency of content and timing. As a mom, in the dredges of diapers with four under four years old, creating outfits and posting to IG became my outlet. Then, when people started to connect with what I was doing, I jumped on RewardStyle, formed an LLC, and started thinking more seriously about an editorial plan.

What’s your secret to managing being a working mom?

I remember getting comments about how I shouldn’t be working so hard because I’m a mom and I was like “Wait, what? Having this outlet makes me a better mom!” Initially, I was styling other people too, which I loved because I felt I was helping other people feel good, but it was difficult to be away from the kids. Therefore, as the blog grew, I stopped styling and focused only on my content which has allowed me to be the mom that I need to be, and still work.

Having an excellent caretaker is essential when you’re a working mom as we tag team pick-up and drop-off duties for activities and school. Plus, I try to get all of my work done in 5 or 6 hours so that I’m not away from the kids for too long otherwise they give me a lot of attitude. Once I went to NY fashion week for eight days without the kids and they were so mad at me when I got home—it was just too long. I’ve had to realize that there are limits to what I can do and that family time is sacred.

When did you begin integrating the kids on the blog?

In the beginning, I focused only on fashion, but after we moved to LA three years ago and I was a little more established, I began to incorporate the kids. The weather in LA also helps make shooting outside with kids more enjoyable. In Chicago, I would run out in the cold to snap content for brands. It’s certainly more conducive and more fun to shoot with kids in LA. Plus, we started enjoying the sites in California so I figured we should share it!

What’s next for the blog?

My husband is taking a leave from work, so we’re going to travel and create some fun family content to share on the blog. We’re still deciding where to go, but we have eight weeks to play. We’ll probably spend some time at our cabin house in Arrowhead and then take it from there! I’m really looking forward to it!

Any advice…

Savor it. It’s so easy to grind through your pregnancy complaining, but it goes by so fast, and then you forget it all — I love writing things down for the kids to read when they’re older. Also, accept your body as it is and your limitations. You can’t do everything; you’re not an octopus. You have two arms, two legs, and you’re growing a human being. Know your limits. I tell myself this daily.



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