It Takes A Village: Cassie Ventura Fine And Her Circle Of Moms

It Takes A Village: Cassie Ventura Fine And Her Circle Of Moms

Recently we hosted a celebration of moms together with Cassie Ventura Fine and her nearest & dearest. We spent the afternoon with an incredible group of mamas and mamas-to-be taking space, connecting, and of course, enjoying a little bit of pampering.

As we reflect on what we’re thankful for this week, we share the sincere gratitude these women have for each other plus the issues they’re facing that affect mothers at every stage, everywhere, and why it takes a village.

Invited to sit together as moms (becoming, new and seasoned), in a powerful conversation led by Kim Durdin, Doula, Lactation Consultant, mom of six and grandma to four!

Kim Durdin

Doula, Mama & Grandmama

on her advice to new moms…

“Embrace what works for you and the many options we have now and be gentle with other people’s choices. The journey is different for everyone,  careful not to judge.

Always remember, you are the Queen of your family, a create-tress

Take your postpartum time with a vengeance and claim time to heal. No one else is going to do it for you.” 



Cassie Ventura Fine

Musician, Model, & Mama-To-Be

on gratitude…

“I am grateful for this room full of inspiring women and the stories that I’ve heard today.

And, I’m thankful for love.” 



Melissa Molinaro

Fitness Guru & Mama

on her birth story…

“I pretty much died and came back to life.

Literally, that’s how it felt. I went in very open to the hospital, but my birth was 21 hours long and far from what I expected. I didn’t want to get an epidural but ended up getting one because I couldn’t carry on, but it didn’t work and only numbed my leg. So, they gave me a second for the last hour to push, but I had basically gone natural for the first 20 hours. In my mind, I was going to have this beautiful birth, and it couldn’t have been further from that.”



Asiah Saifullahzadeh Collins

Chef & Mama

on being an advocate for your health…

“You have to educate yourself, ask the right questions, and trust your maternal instincts. Our bodies are designed to do this; it’s primal, but everyone’s journey to motherhood is different, so you can’t leave it to someone else to decide what’s right for you. The doctors tried to induce me at 33 weeks premature, but I refused and instead had a home birth full-term because I took back control and trusted my body.

I am grateful for everyone in this room, for growing into my life, and being a creationist.”


Rebecca M Gross

Stylist & Mama

on taking time for yourself…

“If you’re waiting for your partner to permit you to take time for yourself, you’ll be waiting forever. Instead, you have to choose to put yourself at the top of the list every day. When I was a new mom (my first is five now), it was hard for me to do this unapologetically. Back then, my self-care would be a shower, literally. But now, I don’t apologize. I take the time because it’s necessary for my mental space to be a better partner and parent. Now, I give zero apologies, ‘Mommy is going to The Now Massage and not doing pick up!’

I’m grateful to be here, for my health and my kids.”


Rose Bertram

Model & Mama

on the reality of motherhood…

“When you’re a mom, even if you are by yourself, your child is always on your mind.

Once you have that, you are never truly alone again.”


Jamila Jordan

TV Development Exec & Mama-To-Be

on fear…

“I’m so grateful to have the support and love of my circle. I am thankful for self-awareness, which is ever-growing and changing. I am also thankful for this pregnancy; I hid it for nearly eight months because I feared losing the baby. Now that we are near the end, words can not express my overwhelming gratitude knowing our baby will be safe.”


Devi Brown

Creator & Mama

on the many roads to birth…

“There is so much pressure on how you bring your child into the world, and I have to say it doesn’t matter how they come so long as they come healthy. I had a C-section with my son as he measured 11 pounds pre-birth. In the end, I knew that was the best option for me, and it was wonderful.

I am deeply grateful for my son Quest; he is delicious and pure joy. I am thankful for my connection to myself and the divine. And, I’m beyond grateful for my tribe that LOVES on my child, including my family to awesome childcare! I have no guilt about that. It allows me to be the best parent and to live in my purpose. Plus, he has extra people to love him, which is a win all around.”


Michaela Robinson

Marketing Exec & Mama

on finding balance in her new role…

“I’m a working mom , so balancing the many rolls from partner, to mom to friend to career has been overwhelming. We are meant to be earners and stay at home moms too! Sometimes I just want someone to acknowledge all the hard work I put in everyday.”


Melanie Fiona

Singer & Mama

on feeling good as a woman…

“”I resonate with what everyone is saying. I’ve found that as women, I think it’s easier for us to pour ourselves into what everyone else needs, which can be easier than dealing with what we need. That moment of stillness that you take for yourself can be a little scary and insecure. In that one and one time, it can get real, but it’s important that you maintain a healthy ego and feel good as a woman and a mom too. The work never ends. I’m grateful for the power of vulnerability.”


Lola Monroe

Singer & Mama

on gratitude…

“I am grateful for my family, and I am thankful for this moment because we need this support, and I’m also appreciative of my journey. I went through really bad postpartum and had to look within for what makes me feel good. I’m grateful for my child because he’s taught me how to be selfless and grounded. ”

Rebekah Muhhamad, Rose Gold

Singer & Mama

on judging…

“I have a 13-year-old daughter and a new baby. They are my whole existence and reason for living. When I had my first daughter, I went without medicine because my mother wouldn’t let me. I was 17 years old, and that hurt, but it made me feel strong. For years I judged everyone that got epidurals because I had gone without. Then, with my second, all these years later, everything changed. I was scared and not as strong as I’d let on all these years. I needed a doula and an epidural, and suddenly, I was judging myself.”


Staci Strickland

TV Line Producer & Mama-To-be

on her community…

“I’m grateful for new people being added to my tribe and community. For health, always. And of course, grateful for the blessing that’s growing inside of me.”


Dominique LaFargue

Ecommerce Manager & Mama

on the support of her friends…

“I’m fortunate to be the mom of my little girl, Zoe, and for being in this room today, hearing the wisdom and the stories of such powerful women. Plus, I’m grateful for my village because the first year of motherhood was rough, but having my friends got me through it all.”


Joanna Simkin

Makeup Artist & Mama

on the power of strength…

“There’s a ton of talk about strength. We need to flip how we look at strength. Anytime we start to feel guilty about taking the time to care for ourselves because we’re lacking in sleep or don’t recognize our bodies because we can’t get to the gym or haven’t seen friends, it’s time to take a moment. Our strength is in knowing what we need and making that a priority for ourselves. It’s not about how much we can endure. Asking for help is a sign of strength.” 



Mir Harris

Chief Consultant

on open minds and hearts…

“I’m so grateful to everyone that came today with open hearts and minds. I feel so proud to have been part of something that built more of a tribe.

I’ve always been the anti-glam tom-boy and have been searching for what womanhood looks like for me. In that journey, I have looked up to much grace in this room. I am grateful to everyone here for being themselves and sharing their energy so generously because you’re an inspiration to me as I expand my mind toward motherhood.

I recognize that my gift is helping people find their light and navigate through the darkness. The world is my child. I believe in my purpose and my walk.”


The afternoon…

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