If motherhood were a song…

What a Wonderful World. My son has me sing this to him every night.

Favorite memory of you and your mother?

I grew up dancing almost every day so my Mom used to plan a special outing, just she and I, to the ballet. I remember coming home at night, everyone would be asleep, and feeling so special to have had that time with her.  

Wisdom from your mother…

She taught me the value of leading with love.

Memory of your mom’s favorite self-care routines?

I don’t actually remember my Mom taking time for self-care. I grew up in a traditional home with very set gender roles and she was the full time caretaker. She was so devoted to raising her 3 children that now looking back I can see that she neglected those things to be wholly available for us. When I was young I didn’t appreciate or understand what this meant for her as a woman beyond being our Mother. Now I am so grateful and in awe of her selflessness.

As an adult, what do you cherish from your mom?

Growing up my Mom always listened. When I was unhappy in high school she listened and I transferred schools, when I wanted to be an artist she supported that dream and moved me into my dorm in NYC to go to Parsons, and even when I loved the wrong person she listened and stood by me. I learned how important listening is and I try to practice really hearing when communicating so I can have more empathy and not be convinced I’m right.

Advice to your younger self…

I’d tell myself to more deeply appreciate and take advantage of the freedom and time I had. I remember when I used to say I was busy pre-baby, funny that thought now. However, I do think it’s one of those things your Mother, parents, says when you’re growing up… “One day you’ll see…” and it’s almost impossible to appreciate what that means until reaching that stage in life.

Daily beauty routine?

The biggest evolution in my daily routine has been time management and planning ahead. I now have to look pretty far out and put everything on my calendar –  family time, work, self-care, friends. That way I make sure I’m trying to taking care of everything including myself. In my beauty routine it’s been my pursuit and transition to non-toxic and safe beauty and personal care products. This wasn’t something I thought about growing up but now is both a personal and business mission.

Moms are an integral part of your consumer base – what was your intention in creating your business, specifically as it relates to mothers?

The intention was providing safer alternatives to the norm in the nail salon and product category which is notoriously toxic. Specifically as it relates to our customers, many who are pregnant or come in with their children. We wanted to create a salon environment that can be trusted with better air quality, sanitation practices, formaldehyde-free, paraben free lotions and safer service products. And beyond that the same standard of non-toxic products to use at home. The misunderstanding that efficacy is compromised in safe beauty is debunked and we know we can create beautiful and effective products without potentially harmful ingredients. It almost seems antiquated to manufacture products with harmful ingredients when so many safer alternatives are now available. This is important for all of our customer base but even more so specifically to our Moms.

Who is your mom role model?

My mom. She has been a consummate source of love, support, and comfort and when I think of what a Mother’s love looks like I think about her.

Biggest mom fail?

I think I had a lot of new Mom anxiety the 1st year of my sons life. I feel like I missed dropping into some moments that I wish now I was more present for vs. being stressed about.

Greatest mom moment?

Doing a 9 week stretch solo while my husband traveled for work. I recognize now those solo stretches count as super mom moments!

Something you do, that you said you’d never do before having kids?

I haven’t done this yet as an adult but I know it’s coming, Disney World.

What’s the last thing you bribed your kid to do?

I bribed my son to play patiently while I tried on a dress by buying him a new hot wheels car.

Most awkward question your kid has asked you in public?

He hasn’t asked me any awkward questions but recently he repeated in public what my husband’s’ voice command in his car says when he calls me which is “call my lovely wife, she’s so sexy”. It was hysterical and a really good lesson in realizing in how much they absorb even when you think they aren’t paying attention!

That time your kid embarrassingly called you out on something in public…

Thankfully hasn’t happened yet!

What self-care routines do you hope to pass onto your own children?

Exercise as I think it’s been my longest self-care practice for both physical and mental well-being and eating in a balanced and healthy way. I’d also say spending time in nature.

Advice to new moms…

It’s OK if its harder than you thought it would be, it was for a lot of us. Surrender to being flexible, it looks different for everyone and just do what works best for you. I remember my son was a little over 2 when he suddenly stopped being ok with me leaving his room while he was still awake at night. He had always put himself to sleep and I thought that was the “right” way based on several reputable baby sleep sources. So I battled with him every night laying on the floor frustrated and trying to figure out tactics to leave the room. Then someone very smart said to me that maybe I should just be ok with laying there. That I was the center of his universe and maybe he wasn’t getting as much time with me as he needed and this is simply what he needed from me at the moment. It was a huge eye opener as we had just opened the LA salon and I really hadn’t been around very much. So I shifted my thinking and while I lay there quietly every night, which was all he wanted, I’d stretch, practice breathing, or just listen to his little body settle and feel so thankful and full of love.

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