Arriving at Julia’s home was exactly how you’d expect the President of Jenni Kayne’s home to look/feel. Bright and airy, with rainbows from the light dancing on the walls and cozy nooks — a little slice of heaven peacefully tucked into the hills of LA. We chatted over coffee (as she busied herself preparing for her baby’s arrival) about supporting women in business, smart pregnancy food choices, and her daily non-negotiable self-care must. @jennikayne

Current state of mind: 

For the first time in my life a massive change is underway and I have no idea what to expect— outside of the fact that there will be little sleep involved! I tend to be a planner, so entering this state of unknown is very different from my typical state of being. Overall, I feel ready, but I also have a never-ending to-do list that seems to get longer every day. 

Eating habits:

In general I’m not very health conscious when it comes to my daily food choices, so it’s been most effective for me to keep my refrigerator stocked with a few key items that can easily be added to my daily routine. I kept it simple and focus on ingredients like blueberries, avocado, eggs, and lots of yogurt to nurture my baby’s growth and development.

Beauty & wellness routine:

I take a bath everyday after work and then cover myself with essential oils from Esker – my favorite line of plant-based oils that keep my skin hydrated and help relax my mind before bed.

Exercise throughout pregnancy?

I try to take walks with my Frenchie in the hills around our house as often as possible to get my body moving and blood flowing.  I also love spinning and was using my Peleton at home a few times a week up until recently which was really helpful for stress relief.


Your body and boobs:

Can’t wait to get them both back!

Do you think it’s important for kids to see their mom working?

I think it’s important for children to be raised in a home with balance.  That doesn’t necessarily mean through work, so long as their mom is happy and the child sees their parents as fulfilled people who respect each other and value their own time.

What do you think it means to celebrate/support womanhood?

I love working at a woman-run company and I’m inspired daily by our team. I try to develop strong personal relationships with as many people on our team as I can, and be as supportive as possible of their growth. It’s not always easy to mix professional with personal but building strong relationships on the job makes going to work much more fulfilling.  Most of us spend more hours at work than not, therefore it’s important to make the time meaningful and enjoyable.

On working at Jenni Kayne:

Before landing at Jenni Kayne, we were in New York City, but once we knew we were ready to start a family my husband and I wanted to move back to California.  When we finally did move back, the only brand that I wanted to work for in California was Jenni Kayne, so I feel very fortunate that I ended up here.  Over the past few years the brand has evolved so much. I’m most proud of our product assortment and the content strategy that we’ve built thus far. I’m looking forward to expanding our content strategy to include video with an emphasis on telling stories of women we respect and admire.  It’s an exciting way for us to support other women that naturally fit within our brand’s mission. 

On taking maternity leave given your integral role at Jenni Kayne:

I’m planning on taking a month away from email to give us time to enjoy being first time parents.  My team is great and I know everything will be fine, but I plan to be checking in remotely after the first month. 

Any advice…

I don’t agree with the traditional idea that it’s important to be stringent about representing only your professional self at work, and not bringing your personal life with you to the office.  If work is going to account for a meaningful amount of time in our lives, it can’t be healthy to develop an entirely different persona. The  goal is all about finding a place where you’re comfortable being yourself, but where you’re also challenged to grow emotionally and intellectually. 

Due date:

July 1st




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