Lindsay Luv on DJing While Pregnant,

Cardi B, And Embracing Motherhood

Hang with Lindsay for a few and you’ll get the sense that you can do anything! With her kickass attitude, you’re reminded where there’s a will there’s a way. Pregnant with her first, we took a moment to chat about how she got her start as a DJ, working while pregnant, and her obsession with mandarin oranges. @lindsayluv

Current State Of Mind?

Good overall, except that I’m having a lot of back pain, because my stomach is quite big for my frame and pulling everything forward — the Barre Method has helped temper this.

If Pregnancy Were A Song:

Whole Lotta ‘Luv’ by Led Zeppelin 😉

Hail From?

Boston originally, then NYC for 8 years, and now LA.

On Getting Started As A DJ:

I was working in the music industry on the corporate side, booking DJs, artists, and events. One of the people that I was working closely with, was the late DJ AM. I used to send him a ton of new music, as I was always researching, and he suggested that I try DJ-ing — at the time it was really rare for girls to DJ. With his encouragement, I began teaching myself at a friend’s club during the day. Eventually they gave me a residency and a lot of fashion brands began to take notice, which took me from the club scene to working more brand and celebrity events. At some point my “hobby” began to pay more than my corporate job, and I went full time. That was 10 years ago now.

Working While Preggers?

Work has been good, as I’ve felt great and been able to DJ throughout my entire pregnancy — I have gigs booked until two weeks before my due date. I’m making it work and hustling strong, but also taking time to rest by doing more behind the scenes stuff from my computer, that I typically wouldn’t do. Fortunately enough, there’s been such a cultural embracing of motherhood these days with mompreneurs and all — look at Cardi B, she’s been performing and twerking while pregnant — that the perception has shifted. I’m still rocking, rolling and planning ahead.

On Maternity Leave And Being Working Mom:

I’ve worked for myself for over a decade, which is ideal for new motherhood. Fortunately my work allows me to in some ways be both a “stay at home mom” and a “working mom” all at the same time! I can create my own schedule, be home when I need to be and still work. Also, my parents recently moved here from Boston to help with the baby!

Eating While Pregnant?

Really healthy actually. I haven’t gained much overall body weight, as I think the baby is eating everything! I’m really obsessed with citrus and mandarin oranges have been my pregnancy craving. In general, I’ve been eating a ton of fruit, trying to keep my fiber up, and adding extra calcium in wherever I can, as “they” say calcium is really important during the 3rd trimester.

On Being Vegetarian:

I was vegetarian for about 20 years — I don’t have an issue with other people eating meat as much as I don’t agree with the standards (or lack there of) in the meat industry — although while pregnant I’ve tried to eat a bit of meat, but since it grosses me out, I tend to lean towards other protein alternatives. I was slightly anemic as well, so I’ve had to up my spinach consumption and take an iron supplement.

Avoid The No Eat List?

I’ve been very strict with the do not eat list and haven’t had one sip of alcohol or caffeine throughout my entire pregnancy. My feeling is that in the grand scheme of things, what’s the big deal about skipping a few drinks or eats in order to prevent any potential harm to my baby. Mainly for my own sanity, I’ve felt better sticking to the books!Exercise While Pregnant?

I do Barre Method 4-5 times a week (which I’m headed to now) and I walk around my neighborhood with the dog. Getting my blood moving on the regular has made all the difference.

Beauty Routine?

I work a lot with different beauty brands, and the two that really helped curate my preggers routine were Caudalie and Shisedo. Caudalie gave me a facial at their MPD spa and put together an entire kit of prenatal beauty products for me that I love. Plus, a friend gifted me the HATCH Belly Oil which I use on the regular and swear by, and Shisedo sent me a mineral sunscreen for my face to avoid melasma. 


Be sensitive to other people’s pregnancy journey, you never know what it’s taken for them to get there. It took us a minute to get pregnant, and everyone has their own story. Recognize that it may come easier for some than others.

As for work, pregnancy is as weird or not weird as you make it. When I originally told people that I was pregnant, they’d judgingly ask me how I was going to perform while pregnant (as if it was an impossibility). I don’t know, how is Cardi B. going to perform while pregnant? You just do it and make it fabulous. If you make it weird, then people will see it as that. And, if you own it, then people will see it as that.

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