You know that feeling when you see someone wearing a badass T-shirt with a powerful message and you think to yourself, right ON! Well, odds are it was designed by prinkshop – the cause-centric design brand that works with fashion labels on creating T-shirts, tote bags, really just about anything, so long as it’s socially conscious with a charitable, give-back vibe.  

For our limited edition LaLa Mamas T-shirt celebrating our new home, #HATCHBrentwood, we knew prinkshop would be the perfect partner in making our tee come to life. Not only are we huge fans of the brand visually, but the fact that prinkshop produces goods in the U.S. and manufactures exclusively with non-profit, female-owned factories is the icing on the cake.

“We have a simple mission,” says founder Pamela Bell. “To talk about the things that matter, to lend a hand to those who need us and to have fun all the while. We are living in tough, often confusing times. We aim to provide our community with something to wear that they care about, to create a dialogue, to spread the word in a positive, affirmative tone.”

Pamela says she founded prinkshop after her daughter came home with a graphic tee emblazoned with the words, Saint Tropez. “The design was pretty, the shirt was soft but it didn’t mean anything,” she says. “The idea came to me to give to her something to wear that reflected our family values. Since then, we have been creating advocacy campaigns for social issues.”

To date, prinkshop has partnered with some pretty amazing brands, and we’re thrilled to join that roster with our LaLa Mamas T-shirt, whose proceeds benefit Alliance of Moms – an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of babies born into foster care. Let’s give back, mamas….and wear some super cute swag in the meantime.

Talk about a win-win.





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