Nadine Abramcyk of TenOverTen

If motherhood were a song…

‘This Woman’s Work’ By Kate Bush – AND that scene where it plays in ‘She’s Having a Baby’ still gives me goosebumps even though I’ve seen it a million times. 

Favorite memory of you and your mother?

When I got an F in Latin in the 8th grade. My mom instructed me to climb into our Suburban with my report card. I was certain she was going to drive me to my dad’s office so they could scold me, but instead she drove me to a dumpster and said, “Now get out and tear up that report card and throw it in the dumpster!” Her point was to show me how insignificant a single grade was in the grand scheme of things.

Wisdom from your mother…

Show up for your kids so they know they can rely on you and in return they will be reliable for you.

Memory of your mom’s favorite self-care routines…

My mother is a natural beauty yet always spent time putting herself together at her makeup table each morning. The thing that struck me most was when she dabbled in alternative medicine which she often did.  I will never forget as a kid seeing these huge circles on her back from cupping, an ancient form of chinese medicine where heated glass is applied to the body to create suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy. I remember thinking how cool that sounded and I couldn’t wait to be a grown up so I could experiment too.

As an adult, what do you look cherish from your mom?

My mother has an incredibly accessible nature and a huge heart so I always felt I could go to her with anything, and feel that way even to this day. Whenever I stumbled I knew my mother would be there for me and unconditionally support and guide me with a kind hand.

Advice to your younger self…

Explore everything that piques your interest and be softer to yourself.

Daily/beauty routine?

I love a self care routine and mine really is in full swing at night once my kids are asleep and I have some time to myself. I take a warm bath with a soak or Epsom salts as often as possible. I sometimes put a mask on while I am in the bathtub if I think of it and slather my body with a body oil just as I’m getting out of the tub on my soaking skin before toweling off because your skin absorbs the oil better when wet. Next, I wash my face and apply my True Botanicals serum with Vitamin C Booster. I follow that with a face oil that I pat into my damp skin and use a jade roller straight out of my fridge which has a calming and cooling effect. As I am in my kitchen I make myself a cup of herbal tea which I then take up to bed with me. I love my evening routine so much. And in the morning I do nothing! I splash my face with cool water- I don’t wash my face – because I don’t want to strip away the good effects of the overnight restoration in my skin and then slather sunscreen on.

Moms are an integral part of your consumer base – what was your intention in creating your business, specifically as it relates to mothers?

We created a safer non-toxic nail salon environment for moms so they never have to worry from pregnancy through a child’s infancy to having a teenager if taking their child into a nail salon would potentially be harmful.

Who is your mom role model?

My grandmother Renee who endured 6 tragic miscarriages to only then adopt my mother and raise her as though she was not only her own but the most precious thing to ever happen in her life.

Biggest mom fail?

My impatience rearing it’s ugly head.

Greatest mom moment?

Watching my kids love for one another.

One thing you said to your kid(s) that you never thought you would?

Mom’s poop smells like roses

Something you do, that you said you’d never do before having kids?

Sleep in their beds until they fall asleep.

What’s the last thing you bribed your kid to do?

Well that’s a daily occurrence – I bribe them with a weekly doughnut to brush their teeth in the mornings.

Most awkward question your kid has asked you in public?

Why someone was still alive since they were so old- with the older onlooker listening in….eek!

That time your kid embarrassingly called you out on something in public…

I feel like that happens all the time but I recently ran them to school without brushing my teeth and my son told me I had ‘stinky breath’ in front of his teacher. Definitely not my shining moment!

What self-care routines do you hope to pass onto your own children?

I hope they see that taking care of yourself is important so that you can be healthy and in return take care of those you love the most.

What is one piece of advice you would share with NEW moms?

Be present and mindful as much as possible. The days might feel long but the years move quicker than you could ever imagine.

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