Natalie Acala on Fashion Mamas, boobs,

and being vegan + gluten-free throughout pregnancy.

“Do Your Best And Don’t Worry”, by Morrissey pretty much sums up Natalie’s pregnancy and has been her mantra throughout, because, as Natalie playfully mentions, her baby girl was conceived right after a Morrissey concert at the Hollywood Bowlliterally the night of. And she jokingly suggests that Moz is basically like her baby’s godfather. Join us as we hang with this rockstar mama of one (soon to be two), to chat about her company Fashion Mamas, boobs, and being vegan + gluten-free throughout pregnancy. @nataliealcala @fashionmamas

Current state of mind?

Excited but stressed. I have so much mental energy right now, but physically my body is telling me to slow down!

What’s it like being pregnant for the second time—riding a bike?

Much harder this time around; they say carrying a girl is more difficult than carrying a boy, and that’s been my exact experience. 

Eating habits? 

I’ve been vegan and gluten-free for a decade, so I’ve stuck to that for both my pregnancies. I like to graze throughout the day rather than have big meals, and I can’t start my day without a homemade smoothie. My go-to energizing smoothie mix is: banana, spinach, cacao powder, vegan protein powder, almond milk, and a scoop of almond butter. 

Beauty and wellness routine?

I love my shower ritual—it’s where I unwind and have the best ideas. After a nice long shower, I do a face scrub, spritz my face with a hydrating mist, massage my face and apply face oil, massage my entire with body/belly oil, and just walk around in a towel until I naturally dry. I used to take showers as an afterthought and rush through them, but I’ve founder that this new routine has given me the daily timeout for myself that I desperately needed.  


Exercise throughout pregnancy?

I was religious about doing Pilates during my first pregnancy, but I have to admit that I’ve been totally inconsistent during this pregnancy. I take walks, do squats, and chase around my three-year-old, however—that’s got to count for something! 

Feeling about your body and boobs?

Belly grew way faster this time around due to muscle memory. My boobs are huge right now and my husband is loving every minute of it. I prefer my itty bitty titties, and can’t wait to have them back…after 1-2 years of breastfeeding once she arrives. 

On starting Fashion Mamas:

I launched FM in 2014, when my son was three months old. At the time, motherhood wasn’t as “on-trend” as it is now, and resources for modern mothers were sparse. I was a fashion editor at the time, so I thought to create a community of dynamic mothers in my industry in an effort to connect women on two levels. 10 women quickly grew to 100 in our first year, and here we are today with more than 500 members, four city chapters, and a 300-person waiting list.  

Next for FM?

We just had our annual Coachella event called #MamaMirage, which was a dream come true. The next project I’m excited about is our annual Mamas Making It Summit, taking place at The Line Hotel on Sunday, June 3. Follow @fashionmamas for more, as we’re revealing all very soon. 


Do you think it’s important for kids to see their mom working?

Absolutely. It’s special for them to see that Mom has a passion and a talent. My hope is that it helps to build Diego’s self-confidence and individuality. 

On celebrating support womanhood: 

To live in a judgment-free zone where women create instead of compete. Women are still a minority in this world, and I strongly believe that there’s power in numbers. The current wave of women empowerment is so beautiful—change is coming. 

On taking maternity leave as an entrepreneur/business owner:

That’s a great question. Well, I’ve been prepping my team to take the reins for a few weeks after baby arrives. I’m going to try my best to at least take three weeks to myself and live in the moment, but I know that I’ll be checking my phone still. FM is my baby, too!


Learned in business?

Trust your instinct—don’t second guess yourself. Also, do everything with heart—don’t get caught up in the money, fame or success that will naturally present itself when you have a strong business. People can see the difference between a business that works with heart vs. a business that works with a self-serving motivation. Remember why you started and that people are counting on you to follow through with your mission. Last but not least: “There is no one alive that is youer than you” — Dr. Seuss 🙂


Nurture by my dear friend Erica Chidi Cohen. 

A bit of advice… 

For all areas of your life: make strong decisions. All the time. Whether it’s what color palette to go with for your next collection or where to eat for dinner, just make a decision. It’s a good practice, and people are always drawn to natural decision-makers. 


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