Iris de Mouy

There have been so many incredible testaments to women’s strength, unity, and support over the past six months. So many glorious symbols of how we as women have evolved to rely on and promote one another; to help our fellow woman stand and be proud, knowing that (many) someones have her back. As we approach Mother’s Day, we couldn’t help but have French illustrator Iris De Mouy‘s iconic line drawings of “woman” do headstands and back flips through our imagination. So, we turned those ladies into a sweatshirt. We hope you’ll agree that her extraordinary work perfectly captures our mantra then, now and forever more: Embrace The Future.





Iris de Moüy is a French illustrator who has exhibited her work around the world. Her illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines, such as Elle and Vogue, and she has illustrated for clients such as Hermes. She lives in Paris.
We collaborated with Iris for a Sundry-made sweatshirt that says it all: “Embrace the Future.” A percentage of proceeds for this piece will be donated to Alliance of Moms, an organization dedicated to breaking the intergenerational cycle of babies born to teens in foster care. Once you’ve got your hands on a limited edition sweatshirt, explore our other gorgeous Mother’s Day gifts.17-060-WK-HTC-006

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