As seasons change and layers (and razors) come and go throughout your nine months, there is so much to be excited about. But what does that seasonal shift often mean for mamas-to-be? Swollen, tired — often dry — legs, feet and ankles. We’ve been there — and trust us — we’ve had the kankles to prove it. With HATCH by your side, we’re not only serving up your new favorite seasonal onesies and dresses, but we’ve got the antidote to swelling for those cute limbs (so you can keep feelin’ like you).

Check out our anti-swelling hit-list below so you can bid sayonara to swollen legs and feet:

1) Get your liquids: Drink at least 10-12 eight-ounce glasses of water to stay hydrated + help reduce any retention. (Plus, your skin will thank you.)

2) Toss the salt: Salt causes the body to retain water, so trade out that extra sodium for potassium-rich goodies like bananas, sweet potatoes, beets or coconut water.

3) Kick up your feet: Avoid standing or running around for long periods of time. Give yourself the gift of rest and ease up, mama!

4) Dive On In: Minimize time out in the heat to keep swelling to a minimum. Missing the sunshine? Take a dip! The movement + cool water can help reduce swelling + aching.

5) Get Down, Girl: Massage our ginger + mint-infused cooling cream into your legs and ankles (or wherever else you need it) when swelling + tired limbs take hold. Better yet, enlist your plus-1 to do it for you.

** As always, if you start to experience heavy swelling or redness in other parts of your body, call your doctor!

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