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Alessandra Brawn

If there’s one thing to know about founding member of The Wing and all around cool person Alessandra Brawn, is that she’s chill as can be and down for whatever. Case in point, she rolled into The Wing, glowing and effortlessly moved around for the photographer to get the shot while we chatted about why she joined The Wing, pregnancy and what’s next on the horizon for this mama-to-be! @alessandrabrawn


Current state of mind?

Actually feeling really good! My mom is a Midwife and OBGYN so I’ve basically had an on-call 24 hrs a day person obligated to answer my every question and concern—needless to say that’s kept me incredibly calm throughout the whole process. Basically, my entire birth plan consists of: 1) Go into labor 2) Call mom

Birth Plan? 

I keep hearing that it doesn’t matter as nothing ever goes planned. I do know that my mom will act as my doula but won’t be my doctor as I felt like there should be one non-relative in the room. I’m working with these amazing midwives called CBS MidWifery in the Financial District—I was recommended to them through my mom’s practice. I’m hoping to deliver in the Birthing Room at Mount Sinai.

Wellness secret throughout pregnancy? 

I used to drink a green juice every morning happily, but green juice and vitamins have been a real struggle for me while pregnant however I’ve managed to stay active throughout my pregnancy and still workout 4 days a week. I believe staying active has been so important, if not for my body than for my mind—staying in motion has been really essential to my wellbeing.

Feeling about your boobs and body?

I’ve been so lucky with the physical stuff. Again, I was somewhat expecting the worse and it’s been fairly smooth sailing. I feel like everything you see in movies prepares you for this arduous process but I haven’t experienced that. Although one thing I will say, while I’ve never been much of an emotional person, I’ve certainly felt more emotionally alert. I don’t mean bouts of sobbing just more aware. I’ve also noticed that my threshold for bullshit went out the window.

Beauty swaps since pregnant? 

I did purge my beauty cabinet of anything that wasn’t natural however one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced with is with my hair and skin. I’ve always had really fine blond hair and now my hair is thick and my skin is super clear. As a result, I’ve somewhat stopped using products in all together. I wash my face every night but that’s about it, which has been really nice. Pregnancy somewhat forces you to be at your most optimal health wise considering you’re eating super well, exercising, sleeping a lot, drinking a ton of water and taking vitamins—you’re doing everything you can for your body plus you have all of this extra blood coursing through your body.

What’s next career wise?

My last project was CHAPEL and we parted ways with our partner on that—with enough vintage tees to last a lifetime!—and prior to that I was the PR director for KIKI De Montparnase, a luxury lingerie brand. At the moment I’m not currently working but dying to go back to work, although I think it’s not realistic until after our son comes. I know that as much as I want to be a super hands on mom and really involved, I also think that it’s extremely important to have something for yourself, whatever that is, whether it’s a work or otherwise. 

Will it be important for you you to raise your son as a working mom?

I think so. Both of my parents worked my whole life and at the same time, I never felt that they weren’t around. They worked constantly but were also at every school function, took us to after school activities and we spent every weekend away together. From my perspective that’s just what parents do, they work.

Why were you compelled to join the Wing? 

I joined right out of the gate as one of the founding members. Audrey and I’ve known each other since high school—we didn’t go to the same high school but we knew each other through mutual friends. I went to LaGuardia for piano and violin, its a performing arts school—and when she first reached out about it, I thought it sounded like the most incredible idea. The timing of it was so perfect as well as women in general are really looking towards each other now more than ever and to have a safe place to work, congregate and network is so incredible. Therefore I jumped to join! I’m hoping to be there more and more.

Grew up? 

In Williamsburg, when Williamsburg was VERY different and not cool. There were no other kids my age for a long time and I remember when the first coffee shop opened. My parents used to have to drive me into Manhattan to go to school and at the end of the day we’d stop in the city at the grocery store and Tower to pick up a video to watch before heading home because there was nothing in Williamsburg. It really wasn’t even until high school that the neighborhood started to shift. When I go to visit my parents now, I don’t even recognize the neighborhood.

Met your husband?

We met about 8 years ago while both of us were working at The Standard. I was a hostess at night while working for Art Forum Magazine near the end of college and he was managing the restaurant before going on to open Boom Boom Room. 

Good advice you’ve been given?

I’ve heard I should travel a bunch when he’s young and especially with only the one because ultimately it’s so much easier.

Most excited about?

At this point it’s hard to get my head around what it will actually be like to have a baby therefore until he comes, it still seems so abstract.

Do you feel like you have a good support system? 

We’re fortunate because both my husband and my family are here in NY—we have a lot of hands on deck.


Nervous about becoming a mom? 

I’m not nervous. I feel like everything else in the world right now is totally insane and up in the air but somehow I’ve managed to stay completely relaxed about labor, birth and baby.

Any cravings?

None actually. I was really waiting for the weird cravings too and nothing came. Honestly I’m still just craving carbs which has been the case forever—I could live at Bar Pitti now and have pasta all day everyday.

First thing you’re going to have after the baby comes?

I haven’t really done the “not eating things” thing. In fact I still eat sushi as long as it’s good quality, I’ve just avoided tuna. There’s really nothing I’ve sacrificed. I guess I wouldn’t mind a stiff cocktail.

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