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Marianna Martinelli

There’s no denying, women are certainly at the forefront of what we do here at HATCH and always on the brain. It’s safe to say, the same goes for Marianna as Community Director of The Wing. Therefore, when we found out that her and other members of the all-female members club were preggers, it was almost too much for us to handle (cue excitement!).

After some coordination—as it goes when ladies be busy—we spent the morning chatting about the important work she does, her pregnancy cravings, and the power of being female. @marmarmartinelli


Your current state of mind?

Oh, you know. Just keeping it together. Definitely feeling pregnant. It’s interesting how the physical journey prepares your mind for what’s to come. I’m eager and excited to meet her AND very ready to be on the other side of this.

Most nervous about becoming a mom?

Besides just keeping the child alive? As someone who’s used to being a boss and in control all the time, this idea of relinquishing some control to the unknown is daunting. In life, there are very few moments or events where the understanding is that everything will be different, but not knowing in what way it will be differentthis make me nervous and perhaps curious as well. I also feel like I’ll be reassembled on the other side as a new version of myself and that’s a strange feeling—almost as if I’ll be meeting myself anew.

What are you most excited about?

Excitement and nervousness are pretty closely aligned these days.

Your support system?

My family is all in Texas, but(!) I’m SO lucky as Director of Community of The Wing, I have this fierce coven of women and within that is this incredibly supportive sub-community of mothers that’ve offered wonderful advice & clothing and nipple butter & all the things I could ever need. To see this community of moms unfold has been really fantastic—I feel very fortunate.

On you and THE WING:

Before I started at The Wing, I’d worked for some other co-workspace companies, like Neuehouse and Knotel. When I met Audrey & Lauren (the founders), I was so moved by their vision and was determined to find a way to be involved—luckily they felt the same way. I officially started working with them in June of 2016 and it’s been an incredible journey. I consider myself very lucky that my work is aligned with my moral compass.

What’s next for The Wing?

We’re opening in SOHO tomorrow(!), and Dumbo early 2018 followed by D.C. 

More on The Wing here.

Can equality among men and women exist?

I think women are open to it. At this point it’s more about men getting in touch with their inner feminist. It will be a slow process but hopefully we’ll get there.

Will your job effect the way you’re raising your kid?

Absolutely. It actually makes me extremely emotional to think about how my daughter will have so many incredibly accomplished and diverse women as role models—it’s almost too much to process. 

Any cravings?

I’ve eaten so many popsicles throughout my pregnancy! That and a lifetime worth of fried chicken. There’s this place called Peaches Hothouse in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn (where I live) and it has THE MOST AMAZING Southern food. I’ve eaten an embarrassing amount of fried chicken.

Foods you’ve avoided? 

Throughout my first trimester the morning sickness made all food seem pretty hideous but beyond that I haven’t been too strict. While I’ve followed the guidelines, I haven’t been too militant about it. I’ve had a little coffee here & there plus a glass of wine when I went to Paris.

First thing you want after the baby comes?

I miss delivery sushi! Doesn’t even have to be fancy, I simply want a $10 spicy tuna roll.

Wellness secret throughout pregnancy?

I’ve been using this Peet Rivko Body Oil. I’ve never been a body oil person per se, but I’ve really enjoyed using this. It’s kept my skin hydrated and my stretch mark situation at bay.

Unexpected about pregnancy?

How about the fact that you really actually can’t see your vagina? That and the massive slowing down in my third trimester that’s felt similar to walking through molasses. Most people had mentioned the overall discomfort during the last few months, but for me this lethargic feeling was a real surprise. Perhaps people had told me and I just didn’t listen.

Do you know what you’re having?

A girl. We’re planning to name her Frankie—it’s a little salty & a little sweet 

Do you have a Birth Plan?

She’s footling breech, which means she’s standing straight up like a solider—I have a C-section scheduled as a result. So, yup! That’s the big “Birth Plan”. 

On landing in NY?

I’m from San Antonio, TX originally and lived in LA + Austin for a stint, post college. After a few years I was ready for a change and just went for it! I literally packed all my stuff and moved to NY 7 years ago without an apartment or a job.

Any advice about career, life, being a woman or becoming a mother?

I was actually thinking about this today. As women we shouldn’t shy away from the power we have! On days I’m feeling off or down, I think about the fact that I’m making a human being (!) while also running a business—that’s pretty incredible. We have to embrace this power.

What’s your motto?

Give it what you got!

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