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Nearly a year has past since the most polarizing election of our time—one in which sparked an overwhelming sense of feminism not seen in decades. While the concept itself may not be new, women are coming together in more powerful ways than ever with the fierce understanding that in order to incite meaningful change we must advocate for one another. 

Such realizations have paved the way for places like The Wing, a women’s only club designed to support female initiatives with their first NYC Flatiron location having launched only a few days after the election and now two more clubs opening this month in Soho and Dumbo. The flexible work + community space for ladies-doing-work-things co-founded by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan is ignited with purpose and expertly appointed in pink and gold with pastel velvet sofas, an all-female-author library, plus an unapologetic beauty room.

We recently spent the morning with a number of the founding members whom actively contribute to the magic of The Wing—some preggers and some not—chatting about womanhood, becoming mamas and running businesses. 

To kick off our series, Marianna Martinelli, Head of Community Relations and The Wing’s first employee—also happens to be 8.5 months pregnant—shares what’s next for the female centric club and how they plan to continue their efforts. @the.wing 

Photographer: @_heather_moore

On celebrating womanhood:

“Unfortunately with the current administration, the need for women to ban together is ever present and will continue to be of upmost importance—the desire for a physical space where women can gather to fight this fight will only increase. Of course we hope The Wing will continue to be a place where great ideas and powerful movements can be born.”

The Wing is:

“So many things to so many people—from the community (and it’s a true community), to the space and the relevant programming being offered. While some use it as a co-working space, others see it as their happy calm place. In addition there are those that use it for the networking + programming and a large majority  join because it aligns with their moral compass and the state of the world right now. There’s an overwhelming need for women to join efforts with the profound understanding that magic can happen when we align.”

On opening two days after the election:

“We knew it was an exciting time, but we thought it was going to be for very different reasons, namely that we’d have our first woman president. However, seeing as that was not the case, the reality of the political climate left people feeling fiercely protective of their female experience. Now, more than ever, it’s become increasingly important for us to work in unison.”

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