Yael Braun On Being Pregnant For The Third Time, Yoga For The First Time, And Calamari All The Time, Plus MotherLucker & F*ck Cancer

Co-founder of Fuck Cancer and Motherlucker, Yael Braun is pregnant with her third (a girl!). Herein she shares her crazing craving, recent yoga obsession, plus prepping (or not) for baby number three. @yael @letsfcancer @motherlucker_

Current state of mind?

I’m nearing the finish line, and overall I’m feeling ok. Everything has gone quicker this time, and I oscillate between wanting to die or forgetting that I’m pregnant, plus I’m chasing two boys around! The advantage to having done this before is that I don’t have any of the anxiety or terror that comes with being pregnant for the first timeI don’t panic with every cramp or obsessively look up stages of the pregnancywhich makes the whole process a lot more relaxing. However, it’s equally not relaxing because I’m running after two kids and never get to sit down.

How are you preparing for your little girl?

Now that we’re on our third, I prepare a lot later and a lot less. At this point, I’ve realized what I need versus what I don’t. With my first, I bought so much in excess. I remember feeling like I needed a high chair the minute my son was born. However, over time and with practice, I’ve gotten better and know all she really needs are diapers and a safe place to sleep at night.


Wellness or self-care hacks while pregnant?

It’s so sweet that you think I have time for that! No wellness hacks here. I sit much less these days because of the boys, which is dope, but not by choice. I also tore my labrum in both of my hips when I went back to working out too soon after having Levi and have not really been able to work out since. The only thing I can do is yoga. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve done it and I love it! I’ve been practicing with this woman Desi Bartlett, and honestly, she’s like heaven personified with the most incredible energy. She specializes in prenatal, post-natal, and moms in general. I can’t figure out if I like yoga or her, but either way, I’m super into it. I’ll continue post-baby as well, but mostly because of her.

What are you eating and craving?

I want to say “ I’m eating so fresh and so clean!” However, what I am eating is a lot of calamari and biscotti. For the most part, I try to stay away from the stuff that’s dangerous and get enough of the nutrients that I need, but I also I eat a fuck-ton of baked goods and fried calamari. I’ll go so far as to choose the restaurants we go to based on their calamari offering. I’ll even Postmates it. Have you ever had lukewarm calamari? Not good, but I can’t help myself.

With Jagger, I ate exclusively bagels, mostly plain, but if I felt ok, I would have cheese or avocado on it. I would eat at least one or two bagels a day. Oh, and I ate Sheet Cake from Ralphs! Then with Levi, I ate a Bay City Subs cheese sandwich every day. In short, carbs are my jam and it’s a miracle my children are thriving!


What’s in the works for Motherlucker?

We recently did a mini-series with Facebook called Gotta A Sec, that I’m super excited aboutThe first episode is airing this month. It’s a funny and honest parenting series based on rapid-fire questioning with a few of our favorite parents. You can watch it on Motherlucker’s Facebook page here.

And how about F*ck Cancer?

We’re throwing our first gala in a few weeks at the Warner lot in LA, to celebrate our ten year anniversary and the launch of our new site. I’m proud of the relaunch of the website as we brought back a lot of our resources and tools from the early days with a focus on the heart, mind, soul, and relationships. For example, solid information on how to tell your mom or partner you have canceremotional support with actionable items, that is often left out of most cancer discussions.

Are you planning to take maternity leave?

For me, maternity leave has changed with every kid. The first time was more of a true maternity leave, but with the second I was running after the first, so there wasn’t time to take off and be in a 40-day cocoon. Moreover, when you’re participating in “real life” but not “work-life”, it feels like you might as well be participating in “work-life” too. With Levi, I worked early on, and with our little girl, I’ll likely do the same as I love what I’m doing, and I’m on the board of some exciting companies. I don’t entirely know what it’s going to look like, but I’ll take the time I need to adjust to being a family of five and go from there. I’ll let you know afterward! Haha

On practicing a 40-Day mindset post-baby?

While I love the sentiment of 40 Days postpartum, it’s hard for me to fully implement, so I do a light version. Nursing makes me very hungry and thirsty so I have a lot of bone broth and try not to eat cold foods. I order bone broth from Osso Bone Broth online and they deliver it. I’m also down for the placenta pills, although I don’t know if the benefits are placebo. All I know is that I didn’t do it with Jagger, but I did with Levi, and I felt the difference.

Any advice…

Make safe decisions for you and your baby and the rest will fall into place. Ignore the generation of Pinterest moms that try to make you believe if you don’t if you don’t apply to preschool in utero or have your 4-month-old in Mandarin lessons than you’re failing as a momthis is total bullshit. Only you know what’s best for your family, not the internet, not Pinterest, not the mom at school drop off, only YOU.


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