Pregnancy comes with a lot of exciting changes to your body, some super obvious (hellooo baby bump!) and some not so much. When it comes to your complexion, you might expect your face to suddenly be spot-free and that the much-hyped “pregnancy glow” will shower its heaven-sent aura all over you, ‘cause you’re a freakin GODDESS. Well, we’re clearing up a major myth right now. You are a goddess, but the truth is that in addition to fatigue, nausea + nipple sensitivity, pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on your skin. But, like always, we got you, mama. Here’s a breakdown of the skin issues you can expect and how to keep that sh*t in check….so you can channel ALL that glow:

Wahh, Dark Spots

More hormones = more pigment = more dark spots. Some call melasma + prenatal hyperpigmentation the “mask of pregnancy.” If you get this, you’re not alone. Nearly HALF of all women will experience some dark spotting.

What you can do about it:

Prevent. Prevent. Prevent. If you’re a sun junkie, take it down a notch. Stick to the shade and slather on that SPF every single day. True Botanicals makes an excellent, clean SPF 20 that’s packed with antioxidants. Feel free to pump up the SPF even higher when you’re out for an entire day in the sun!

Wahh, Dry Skin

We hear about this one from our HATCH mamas all of the time. “Why is my skin so damn dry?!” In some women, hormonal changes can actually reduce oil production in the skin, leading to unexpected dryness and itch. 

What you can do about it:

Beyond moisturizing daily from head-to-toe (a mama must), drop some of your favorite all-natural body oil into the bath for extra nourishment (bonus if you still have some of our sold-out Belly Oil! It’s coming back soon!!). Another product reco? Our Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm is the perfect clean beauty fix for chapped lips, ashy elbows, tops of hands and anywhere you need a little love. Lastly, stay hydrated + consume good fats (avocado, nuts, mmmm) to keep your skin feeling good from the inside out. 

Wahh, Hormonal Acne

Hormonal shifts that take place during pregnancy can also mean hormonal acne. The not-so-fun news? Certain levels of salicylic acid, as well as retinol and benzoyl peroxides are generally considered no-nos. (Check with your medical provider for specific questions on your favorite products.) 

What you can do about it:

Make sure to cleanse everyday. For those mamas with oilier skin during pregnancy, resist the urge not to moisturize. We repeat, MOISTURIZE. Why? Drying out skin can actually cause the skin to go even further out of balance and produce excess oil! For persistent pimples, try an herbal toner or mist with witch hazel or tea tree oil for daily relief. Lastly, in between breakouts, make sure to slough off dead skin with an all natural exfoliating scrub. Lastly, ask your dermatologist or medical provider for pregnancy-friendly spot treatments.

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