Delivery date creepin’ up? With babe almost here, turn the attention back to YOU for a hot second + make a self-care plan to prep for the changes ahead. From skin and hair to sleep schedules and social outings, you may not keep up with everything while caring for a newborn, but if you plan now, you’ll thank us later. (TRUST.)


  • Get Some Sleep – We’re not gonna lie. The first few months with a newborn can be exhausting, but you can incorporate little hacks now to catch up on Zzzz’s. Plan to nap when the baby naps + negotiate arrangements with your partner upfront to switch off night feedings (assuming you can pump or use formula). Do your best to ensure you’re BOTH getting the rest you need.
  • Invest In Feel Good Fashion — As you adjust to having baby home, you may feel some post-delivery discomfort as you get used to being back on your feet. Stock up on comfortable, nursing-friendly clothing now before you’re wiped. Get yoga-pant ready and shop our Fourth Trimester Essentials as you plan.
  • Work Your Brain – It’s easy to let your cognitive skills turn to mush in the first few months of motherhood. Whether you’re going back to work or not, make a plan to keep up with your favorite mind benders, whether a book, magazine or crossword puzzle. Can’t muster the time or energy? Download a fun brain-teaser app like Sudoko for those lengthy nursing sessions.


  • Face the Day: Create a “go kit” of the feel-good beauty essentials you need to get out the door. Our suggestions: on-the-go moisture (like True Botanicals Nutrient Mist for a hydrating spritz + Eye Serum for puffiness), dry shampoo (Klorane’s plant-based formulas are fab), and HATCH Mama Renew Eucalyptus oil for a lil’ pick-me-up when you’re feeling zonked. You’ll build back your full routine later. We promise.
  • Reduce Shedding: Start stimulating your scalp now to prevent any excess hair loss. Our Strength + Shine Daily Fortifying Hair Oil harnesses the power of nettle and radish extracts to help stimulate the hair follicle, while avocado and argan oil helps strengthen strands. Incorporate scalp massage daily, do weekly masking + skip pulling your hair up if you can to reduce additional shedding!
  • Work that Belly Oil:  As soon as your baby is born, your skin will start rebalancing given its hormonal shift. So skin dryness may get worse before it gets better. Keep that Belly Oil on your beauty shelf + remember to moisturize from top-to-toe daily. Not keeping up? Put it on your nightstand so you remember to lather that belly + body before bed.
  • Stock Up on Nipple Care: Don’t wait until you’re desperate + cracked. Start using our Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm daily to prep your nipples for nursing before baby is born. Stock up on nipple masks, pads + packs now and throw into the freezer or fridge as go-time gets closer. (AND always reference manufacturer instructions before removing from room temperature).


  • Meditate – Download meditation apps like Calm or Headspace and leverage your nursing time to both connect with baby AND your inner-zen. Plan on building out 10 minutes a day starting on week 2. Mark your calendar now, mama!
  • Get outside – Stretch. Take your baby on walks. See the sun + snow. Make this commitment in advance + put reminders on your phone now for your once daily “get out into the world” breaks. Taking walks will help fight any post-partum blues in those first few months.
  • Stretch Those Limbs – Can’t handle adding another thing to your to-do list? We get it. A few simple stretches each day will improve blood flow, move around your energy, and increase serotonin levels as your hormones fluctuate. Download the 7 Minute workout app or any yoga practice. Even if you only do two minutes, you’ll begin to feel more accomplished and energized.
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